WATCH: Toronto Police Tell People To Leave Keys At Front Door So Thieves Can Take Them More Easily

Surrendering to crime.

With crime continuing to surge out of control due to soft-on-crime policies from the Trudeau government, things have gotten so bad that Toronto Police are now effectively surrendering to auto theft.

In recent remarks, a Toronto Police Constable advised people to leave their keys at the front door so thieves can more easily take them without further entering the home and risking a confrontation:

This is insane.

It represents a surrender to crime, and it has Canadians rightfully wondering what the point of the authorities is if they can’t deal with criminals.

However, I don’t really blame the police here.

They have been put in a terrible situation by politicians like Justin Trudeau & Jagmeet Singh who have made it easier for criminals to avoid prosecution, have reduced punishments for crime, and have imposed ‘bail reform’ that keeps criminals on the streets.

Soft-on-crime policies are ruining the country, and the police can’t do much about this. Police can arrest thieves, but its government policy that decides whether those thieves remain in jail, or whether those thieves are released back on the streets.

If we want to get back to the kind of safe Canada we remember, we must abandong soft-on-crime policies and return to common-sense. And that means keeping criminals in jail, ramping up punishments, and tilting the system back in favour of law-abiding Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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