WATCH: The True Cost Of Trudeau’s Carbon Taxes

Canadians deserve to know the truth.

As the Liberals continue to lie by claiming the carbon tax rebate gives back more than the carbon tax takes (something the Parliamentary Budget Officer has proven is false), it is more and more important to counter Liberal propaganda.

Canadians deserve to know the truth about the real cost of Trudeau’s carbon taxes.

And that’s what the National Citizens Coalition is doing in a new ad.

I encourage you to watch and share the ad below to make sure Trudeau’s lies are countered by the truth, and help support the Fire Trudeau Fund:

WATCH: Justin Trudeau refuses to admit that his carbon taxes cause inflation. So we’re telling him where to stick it. Canadians deserve to know the truth. SHARE this video with as many Canadians as possible before Trudeau’s April tax hikes. Join us:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter