Justin Trudeau Will Massively Increase The Carbon Tax If He Wins The Election

The entire carbon tax scam is dependent on continuously moving the goalposts and taking more money from taxpayers.

Catherine McKenna recently criticized Andrew Scheer for saying the carbon tax will go up if Trudeau remains in power:

“Unfortunately Andrew Scheer is focused on saying things that are patently untrue while putting forward no climate plan. Climate change is one of biggest challenges we face & clean solutions present a huge economic opportunity. Time to come together. For our kids & grandkids.”


Here’s what Scheer had said:

“Canadians know what Justin Trudeau is going to do. Now that his carbon tax is here, it’s only going to go up. And if he gets re-elected in 10 months, it will go up even more,” Scheer said during a New Year’s Day news conference in a Giant Tiger store in Regina. “This time next year I plan on being able to tell Canadians that Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax is a thing of the past.”

Of course, McKenna is wrong and Scheer is correct here.

How could anybody doubt that the carbon tax will go up?

The entire carbon tax scam is based on constantly telling people that more and more ‘action’ is needed to ‘save the world.’

That ‘action’ always ends up being more taxes and more money taken from taxpayers and put under the control of politicians – while the elites keep living their luxury lifestyles. Plus, more and more of our sovereignty and decision making is shifted towards international agreements and global institutions.

It’s because this is all about control, not the environment. Using fear-mongering and deception, politicians like Trudeau and McKenna try to convince people to accept higher and higher taxes.

The reality is clear: If Justin Trudeau gets back into power, the carbon tax will be massively increased, and it will be devastating for Canadian taxpayers.

Spencer Fernando


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Don Taylor

Turdeau and his Globalist party are THE most hated Party with Turdeau as its PM in Canadian History

Dale Evjen

Here’s my reply to Barbie:

You Lieberals couldn’t care less about our kids & grandkids – the absolutely unaltered “Climate Change” will have no effect whatsoever but the massive debt runup by you reprobates is going to be sheer hell for them. You have your priorities in exactly the wrong place.

Gerri Page

He has been on vacation since elected and given away billions to other countries and of course Khadar and others and zilch for us, so now he wants us to pay for all this. He has to be dethroned or the Canada we love will cease to exist and all the Liberal MP’s will suffer also along with future generations while Trudeau enjoys his fake foundation filled with 7oo million and will fill up even more by those who he will be cater to. Pray for Canada.

Ed Peebles

The Carbon tax is nothing but a smoke screen for a New World Order which is being shoved down Our Throats, Keep the Citizens off balance and they are easier to dictate too !

shawn harris

And to think, people the world over are disgusted and even hate such a criminal as Bernie Madoff, who swindled billions dollars from investors, yet are not only willing but eager to accept whatever comes out of the mouths of Trudeau McKenna, the UN, and all the sycophantic believers in climate change, carbon death or whatever term the call it today. And to think, that Trudeau says collecting this massive amount of taxpayers money will solve the problem, even though he presents not one single idea, solution, or even a current technological solution as an example of the way to… Read more »

Ed Peebles

Scientific study has shown that the Carbon or co2 level has very little effect on Climate Change . It is effected by Solar Winds and CME’S(Coronal Mass Ejections)! Maybe we can control the Sun Justin ?

Sewer Rat

Well, that, and stopping the Earth’s wobble and slightly elliptical orbit.


The $50 tax will cost Canadians over $900 and likely closer to $1000 of after tax income or over $2000 of gross income. Do the math. $200 Trudeau / barbie tax will take about two months of gross income. Add this to the almost 50%, or half a year, we already pay, and they will be taking 8 months of our wages in overall taxes, expecting us to live on the remaining four. Canada will collapse if the Liberals get elected. If your home and car and loans aren’t paid off, you and your family will be virtually destroyed. Homeless.… Read more »

Clive Edwards

I’m beginning to think Turdo is part of a massive global false flag -an economic version of the “Patriot Act”.

Gerri Page

Butts give him the orders because he lacks the intelligence to know anything except hmmm, ahhs and so forth.


Well of course it will go up dramatically every year. How do you expect “the budget to balance itself”.

Any new tax applied before the GST/HST is calculated is a huge windfall to the governments pocket.


Trudeau is going to get in again, because of Max Bernier he will spilt the vote for the Conservatives. People are to stupid to realize that. So are taxes will keep going up to pay for Trudeau’s corrupt policies. The globalist get richer. Trudeau is a crook.

David Henley

Max is the only conservative running. Scheer is a liberal wrapped in a conservative blanket. Scheer gave up the conservative values to gain a popularity with liberals. Plan”B” for globalists, doing and saying only enough to try and look conservative. Bernier has shown to hold the values of the conservative and left a corrupted party stand for conservative values. Electing Scheer would be a mistake and we continue down the road of globalists just at a slower rate. Look at the platform that BERNIER has in place and compare to Scheer. Scheer has no plan , just running on the… Read more »


Just a thought – Why is the Liberal Party wanting to punish Canadians rather than helping us to adapt to a changing climate?

David Henley

CarbonTax is a fraud along with the whole idea that humans are controlling the climate. Proven over and over again that we have nothing to do with the changing climate. The media is supporting this fraud and is responsible for the hoax continuing. Scheer is moving only slightly off Trudeau’s plan and pushing for the removal of the tax but still continues to support the UN in many ways. The UN is a failed attempt to have countries have a forum to settle disputes. They now are the play ground of the globalists. Trudeau is still in power because no… Read more »