Make Birth Tourism Illegal Says Bernier

“Canada is not a shopping centre,” says People’s Party Leader.

People’s Party Leader Maxime Bernier is calling for Birth Tourism to be made illegal.

His call follows an article in the National Post, which described how more and more pregnant non-citizens are coming to Canada to give birth, which can lead to “debasing the notion of citizenship.”

Here’s an excerpt of the article:

“Melody Bai arrived in Vancouver from China in the late stages of pregnancy with one goal: to give birth to a Canadian baby. Awaiting her was an elaborate ecosystem catering to pregnant women from China, including a spacious “baby house” where she spent four months, attended to by a Mandarin-speaking housekeeper. Caregivers offered free breast massages to promote lactation, outings to the mall, lectures on childbirth with other Chinese mothers-to-be and excursions for high tea.”

Clearly, birth tourism is taking advantage of the generosity of Canadians, and is an insult to both Canadian Citizens and those who go through the full and often lengthy process to get Canadian Citizenship for themselves and their families.

Here’s what Bernier said about it:

“Canada is not a shopping centre, where any foreigner can come and buy a citizenship or future education and employment opportunities for their children, without following the proper immigration channels.

The law should be changed to make birth tourism illegal.”

Bernier has it right here. The Conservatives have also taken a similar position at the convention, voting to end ‘birthright citizenship,’ which is what has created the incentive for birth tourism in the first place. However, it is not yet known whether the party will make that position taken by their members an official policy in the upcoming campaign.

Either way, birth tourism should be banned, and all politicians need to stand up and demand an end to it.

Spencer Fernando

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I agree with Max Bernier on stopping people from coming into our country to have a baby or these people that never have paid one cent in to our tax system, that receive benefits that we Canadian taxpayers have paid for, like medical and dental and OAP, these people are a cancer on our welfare system. Max Bernier has a lot of good ideas, but his timing is so wrong to start a new party just before the election in 2019. People don’t realize that if they vote for Max Bernier instead of Andrew Scheer it will spilt the Conservative… Read more »


Wow, at least you mentioned the Conservatives talked about this problem first and the few people who saw that the Conservatives are planning to stop it, with our bought out media. Bernier says the same thing but it hits our bought out media, as he is supported by those who bought the media with Canadians tax dollars for their benefit and free advertisements and the demonizing of all things Conservative, but are supporting Bernier too almost daily, a lot more than you ever hear about Scheer or the Conservatives unless they are putting a bad slant or lie along with… Read more »


@NancyW … Andrew Scheer quite often has been stressing his views & plans for he upcoming election etc. But you need to watch on Question Period and other media venues. He spoke of the Party’s plans at their recent Conservative Convention. He plans to expand on his platform leading up to he October election.


In 1994, on my flight from Beijing to Vancouver there were 16 obviously pregnant Chinese4 women.

Wendy Lush

And all these years later it is still happening. Are we suckers or what.

Ed Peebles

Mad Max has always been a Bit Off in his Timing for Bringing up Issues and their relevance To the present time. He has always the Best of Intent but due to his timing ends up by Totally FUMBLING the issue ?


So, it’s interesting–how does this work on the China end of things? These obviously very pregnant women are boarding planes bound for Canada and no one is stopping them. No one is saying, “Hey, what happens if you give birth over in Canada?” I mean, clearly China must know this is going on. It’s very clever, isn’t it? I don’t know if China has plans to actually take over Canada, or if this is just a convenient way to unload citizens, but what is going on? Also, if China truly has that shortage of females we’ve been told about, why… Read more »


In August 2018 The Conservative Policy convention in Halifax passed a new party policy, which is non-binding, that calls for the government to enact legislation to end birthright citizenship in Canada “unless one of the parents of the child born in Canada is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada.” A Resolution at the Conservative Policy convention in Halifax in August: “The Conservative Party believes in stopping all illegal entries in Canada. To ensure the safety and the respect of our borders, the party commits that a Conservative government will take the required steps to renegotiate the Safe Third… Read more »

Valerie Clark


Valerie Clark

MAXIME BERNIER – If you really care about Canada, you will NOT run in the October election! All you’ll do is split the vote! Or were you PAID TO DO THAT? It seems to me that you were.