VIDEO: Trudeau Responds To China’s ‘Basic Dictatorship’ Sentencing Canadian Citizen Robert Lloyd Schellenberg To Death Penalty

Is Justin finally realizing what China’s ‘basic dictatorship’ is really all about?

Justin Trudeau, who once praised China’s Communist dictatorship, is getting a crash course in the ruthless brutality of foreign policy and the Communist regime.

Trudeau is starting to realize that a ‘basic dictatorship’ also means ‘arbitrary’ sentences and punishments, unrelated to the rule of law.

The latest outrage from China is the sentencing of Canadian Citizen Robert Lloyd Schellenberg to death, after a suspiciously-timed retrial that upped his punishment.

The ‘trial’ took only a day, and it’s certainly because of top-down orders in the Communist State.

Here’s what Trudeau had to say about it, mentioning that the Canadian government would seek to intervene:

As I said on Twitter, the corrupt elites should be waking up to their foolishness:

“Are the corrupt elites who wanted to sell out our country and our values for a ‘free trade’ deal with Communist China now realizing their mistake? Such fools.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Don Taylor

Trudeau Is stupider than most people thought ,he should have been on this,long before now,he is forced to do some thing now


can’t criticize what you’re imitating

Robert Anes

It does not say entwhere what Schelleberg id wrong?


Drugs dealing, just like he did in BC. Numerous convictions.

Robert Anes

It does not say ennywhere what Schellenberg did wrong . hat did he do to get the death penalty?


he was smuggling drugs. Robert Lloyd Schellenberg has had prior drug smuggling charges in abbotsford.

Gordon E Surbey

Apparently he was convicted of ‘smuggling meth into China’ and it’s reported that he had at least three prior drug convictions in B.C. Canada. Obviously he’s not an “innocent victim” but to retry him and increase his sentence from 15 years to death is over the top.


It has been in the news many times, socialist dictatorships kill the people who are in the way or not needed or protest against their rules, China has a well known record of this (I have read between 40 – 85 million or more people killed since Mao took over, they still shoot protestors). Cuba, Russia, Venezuela, the Middle East, many many countries do this. It is so sad that a democratic mostly peaceful law abiding people do not respect what we have here, and need to protect, or we will loose our way of life. We will never know… Read more »

Moe. S.

Love your comments, Nancy. Just a little correction. China’s leader Mao Zedong ruled China between 1949-1976 and killed 45 million Chinese people.

shawn harris

While China threatens death to our citizens, Trudeau dithers, delays and fails to condemn clearly the threats and actions of China. This is very weak leadership indeed. Once again Trudeau is showing just how much he admires and bows down to “China’s basic form of dictatorship” by failing to come to grips with the reality and brutality of it. By sending a very clear message of condemnation of both the decision , death penalty, and the Chinese government. Trudeau must finally understand, that when dealing with China, talk is cheap and only strong concrete actions will achieve positive results for… Read more »


“Trudeau must finally understand – ” – Trudeau doesn’t understand much, if anything. He is in way over his head. Just not ready.


China is a ruthless country letting no one stand in its way as it attempts to rule the world. We have allowed the trojan horse inside our walls in terms of investing and buying our resources. It now has the wealth and many countries are duly indebt to them which allows China to flex its muscle to mandate its control. Only fools crawl in bed with communism.

Don Piche

Hoping that Trudeau&Co. change is a waste of time – they are dedicated to undermining Canada in every way possible and will only accelerate the process as their time in office goes on… Do Not be so foolish as to believe otherwise – No matter what this ROGUE GOV’T says to the contrary. TRUDEAU&Co. MUST GO in 2019!!


I get the impression that he thinks this is new behavior for China. Comforting to know that the lives of Canadians rest in his hands (Not!).

Moe. S.

This has nothing to do with Robert Loyd Shellenberg and drugs. This is about Robert being Canadian. I could not listen to the video. Nothing Trudeau says from here on in will ever excuse the incompetent handling of this scenario. This inexcusable devastation and pending death of a young Canadian man lies squarely on the shoulders of Justin Trudeau.


Any “help” by Trudeau and his office will probably be just as effective as it was for John Ridsdel and Robert Hall.

Ron Shaw

Mabe Trudeau could save a few of those phoney crocodile tears to convince the Chinese government to have some leniency , or if that doesn’t work he could offer up a Mr. Dress up party night to raise go fund me dollars to buy the prisoners freedom .

Robert Anes

IF Schellenberg is REALLY a drug smuggler I have no problem with the death penalty. we should have it in Canada


And he still didn’t answer her question


China doesn’t fool around. Sell them the pipeline and it will be pumping oil by Fall.

David MacKAY

Justin Trudeau is on record claiming he admires dictator because the get things done.
Xi of China is leader for life aka Dictator of China.
So whats the problem Justin?