VIDEO: Trudeau Responds To China’s ‘Basic Dictatorship’ Sentencing Canadian Citizen Robert Lloyd Schellenberg To Death Penalty

Is Justin finally realizing what China’s ‘basic dictatorship’ is really all about?

Justin Trudeau, who once praised China’s Communist dictatorship, is getting a crash course in the ruthless brutality of foreign policy and the Communist regime.

Trudeau is starting to realize that a ‘basic dictatorship’ also means ‘arbitrary’ sentences and punishments, unrelated to the rule of law.

The latest outrage from China is the sentencing of Canadian Citizen Robert Lloyd Schellenberg to death, after a suspiciously-timed retrial that upped his punishment.

The ‘trial’ took only a day, and it’s certainly because of top-down orders in the Communist State.

Here’s what Trudeau had to say about it, mentioning that the Canadian government would seek to intervene:

As I said on Twitter, the corrupt elites should be waking up to their foolishness:

“Are the corrupt elites who wanted to sell out our country and our values for a ‘free trade’ deal with Communist China now realizing their mistake? Such fools.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube