BUZZFEED BUST: ‘Bombshell’ Trump Story Debunked By Mueller’s Office

An absolute disaster for BuzzFeed and much of the media.

A so-called ‘bombshell’ story by BuzzFeed, claiming that Donald Trump ordered Michael Cohen to lie to Congress, has been directly debunked by the office of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

For about 24 hours, almost the entire media were breathlessly reporting on the story, claiming that impeachment of Trump was just around the corner and an indictment was certain.

Turns out, the story was fake.

Questions were raised about the story from the beginning, but things really started heating up when one BuzzFeed reporter who co-wrote the story (Anthony Cormier) told CNN he had NOT seen the so-called ‘documents’ and evidence, while the other co-author (Jason Leopold), said those documents had been seen by the reporters.

And then, the office of Special Counsel Robert Mueller took the incredibly rare step of debunking the story directly:

“BuzzFeed’s description of specific statements to the Special Counsel’s Office, and characterization of documents and testimony obtained by this office, regarding Michael Cohen’s Congressional testimony are not accurate.”

This is the first media story the Special Counsel’s office has commented on in this manner, and it represents an absolute disaster for BuzzFeed.

Even CNN had to admit it:

“CNN’s Erin Burnett on Statement from Mueller’s Office: ‘It Sounds Pretty Terrible for BuzzFeed.”

Their credibility was already in the tank following their reporting on the ‘Trump dossier,’ and this latest failure will erase what little remaining credibility the establishment media may have had left.

And it’s a big deal:

“Exactly. Given the significance of this story – with huge numbers of Dems & media figures saying Trump should be impeached “if the story is true”, & with Dem Senators demanding to know from Mueller – there was no way Mueller could let a false story this big sit without a denial:”

“The attempt to parse Mueller’s statement & pretend it’s vague is just sad. The BF story had only one key claim: that Mueller had proof in the form of documents, email & testimony that Trump directed Cohen to lie. *That* is what Mueller said is inaccurate. It couldn’t be clearer.”

“For those who want to pretend Mueller is just quibbling with some small semantic details in the story, what’s the theory about why Mueller – for the first time – decided it was important to come out and comment directly on a media story by calling it “inaccurate”? Why this one?”

It’s not about being either pro-Trump or anti-Trump, it’s about the fact that the media – instead of seeking facts and truth – has instead decided to take a side, and let their personal animus and agenda push them towards sharing mistruths and outright lies.

At this point, nobody can be blamed for distrusting everything that they see and hear from the media.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube