ENOUGH DELAY: The Trudeau Government Must Ban Huawei Now

Failure to act will only show weakness and invite even more danger for Canadians.

Human nature is often a pretty simple thing.

If someone is allowed to make endless threats, yet the person or group being threatened doesn’t respond with strength, then the threats will continue and escalate.

A message must be sent that threats will not get the desired results of the person or group making the threats.

That’s why – in the wake of Communist China’s escalation against Canada and threats of ‘retaliation’ if we ban Huawei – banning Huawei is exactly what we should do.

There’s no need to wait or delay. Our closest allies have already studied the issue and found that Huawei is a serious threat to national security and the integrity of 5G networks.

However, the Trudeau government keeps claiming that they’re ‘studying’ the issue, with a decision not expected for some time.

That shows weakness, as China is able to keep making threats against us without the Canadian government taking clear steps to respond.

A ban on Huawei – announced immediately – would show that Canada will not be influenced by threats from the Communists, and would make it clear that we will stand up for ourselves and our interests as a country.

The only course of action is clear: Ban Huawei now!

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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John Bothwell

Chinese Huawei 5G MUST be banned from Canada now!


Spencer, I’m thinking our political class can’t afford to offend China, for monetary reasons. Am I wrong? Otherwise, why aren’t we banning Huawei? It’s either money or stupidity.

louis Joannette

never mind HUAWEI we have ballard.com from Vancouver the fuel cell company establish in china AND they have 25% OF BALLARD.COM FROM VANCOUVER THE WORLD LEADER to reduce pollution it is a huge contract for Canada AS CHINA STILL USE CHARCOAL GENERATOR THIS WHY WE HAVE LOUSY WEATHER AS THE EARTH TURN AROUND WEST WARD SO WE GET THEIR POLLUTION.,, CHINA JUST ORDER 1000 FUEL CELL BUS FROM BALLARD.


omg~.they will be really scare~ i think China really have big enough market for huawei~ just banned ~ i donot think they will be care ~ what else u want to against China? such weak~ hope trump give Canada more unfair trade deal! How Canada can stand up to bulies, from Trump to China.

Robert Rice

I agree 100% We must ban Huawei now. If fact we should have done it much sooner. Thank you Spencer for all your reporting to keep Canadians informed, the main stream media certainly does not. Your reporting is to the point and well written, keep up the fantastic work

Brian Dougan

Canada is “studying” the problem. How special. Are they smarter than the other Western countries? No. They are weak; vacillating, and limp-wristed. It’s what they do. Nothing of merit; just waste time and (our) money.

louis Joannette

we should send her back as it could have repercussion on our natgas business whit china. if we ever get those ship in the arbour. that is another problem.


Chinese 5G is the Troy horse for facial recognition/social control. Mainstream media does not talk about this.
Concentration camps AKA “re-education camps” and “social control”. Is this what the Libtards and Trudope want for Canada?


Strong decisive action is definitely called for against China & Huawei right now but we’ll NEVER see it coming from our pathetic puppet Canadian government. When North Korea was sending rockets in several directions we saw Trump meet, negotiate & settle (for time being anyway) with their leadership; it takes strong & courageous world-wise response to face these dictatorship bullies.


Trudeau would again show his hypocrisy should he ban any Chinese company. He admires the Communist Dictatorship style of governing and decision making. He is also a fan of spying on citizens, of demanding details of their financial life, and controlling Media. As expected, he will try to fuddle-duddle, hoping the Chinese are satisfied dealing with Freeland instead of Trudeau. Hiding like a coward? Seems Trudeau is brave when the opponent is far away.


Do you think the Little Potato is up to the task?

shawn harris

For all the threats China is making towards Canada, Trudeau’s response so far are only some very weak statements condemning what China has already done and threatens to do. Even after Canada’s ambassador to China briefed our members of parliament, the message received was that Trudeau doesn’t have and never has had a plan to deal with Chinese aggression. The only reason for this lack of real action, is that Trudeau is still enthralled by China’s basic forum of dictatorship and doesn’t won’t to ruin his chances to get a free trade deal. If for certain Trudeau had a real… Read more »


Bring our Canadian citizens home. Once done close Chinese consulate and ban chinese investments in Canada. We cannot afford to allow communist investment in Canada for pure security reasons.