TRUDEAU ECONOMY: Almost Half Of All Canadians Near Insolvency

Yet, Trudeau is still desperately trying to claim that the economy is ‘strong.’

Justin Trudeau plan to run his campaign on lies, including demonizing Conservatives.

He’s also already selling a false economic narrative to Canadians, claiming that the economy is strong.

It’s a desperate deception, and the facts are 100% the opposite of what Trudeau is trying to claim.

A new survey from MNP has revealed that 46% of Canadians are only $200 or less away from insolvency every month.

Disturbingly, that number has actually risen from the 40% who said the same thing in September of 2018.

Additionally, 39% of survey respondents said they fear going bankrupt with higher interest rates.

As noted by BNN Bloomberg, MNP President Grant Bazian said, “Many [Canadians] have so little wiggle room that any increase in living costs or interest payments can tip them over the edge.”

These are absolutely disastrous numbers, and show how dangerously fragile our economy has become.

Many times before, I’ve pointed out how the policies of the Trudeau government are directly contributing to the growing household debt crisis.

People don’t take on more debt just for fun, it’s because of an effort to deal with emergency situations in a tough economy, and maintain a stable standard of living. While interest rates are making debt more costly, the excessive regulations, taxes, and now the carbon tax will make it all worse.

It’s really simple: Higher interest rates means less money in people’s pockets, and higher taxes and the higher cost of living from federal policies takes even more money away – pushing more people towards financial ruin.

A massive tax cut for Canadian workers, an investment in real, tangible infrastructure (fixing roads, fixing sewage systems, building up the military, getting pipelines built), and cutting back on excessive regulations would all help alleviate the economic problems caused by higher interest rates.

Instead, the Trudeau government is doing the opposite, making the burden on Canadians even worse and pushing our economy closer towards recession and crisis.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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