TRUDEAU ECONOMY: Almost Half Of All Canadians Near Insolvency

Yet, Trudeau is still desperately trying to claim that the economy is ‘strong.’

Justin Trudeau plan to run his campaign on lies, including demonizing Conservatives.

He’s also already selling a false economic narrative to Canadians, claiming that the economy is strong.

It’s a desperate deception, and the facts are 100% the opposite of what Trudeau is trying to claim.

A new survey from MNP has revealed that 46% of Canadians are only $200 or less away from insolvency every month.

Disturbingly, that number has actually risen from the 40% who said the same thing in September of 2018.

Additionally, 39% of survey respondents said they fear going bankrupt with higher interest rates.

As noted by BNN Bloomberg, MNP President Grant Bazian said, “Many [Canadians] have so little wiggle room that any increase in living costs or interest payments can tip them over the edge.”

These are absolutely disastrous numbers, and show how dangerously fragile our economy has become.

Many times before, I’ve pointed out how the policies of the Trudeau government are directly contributing to the growing household debt crisis.

People don’t take on more debt just for fun, it’s because of an effort to deal with emergency situations in a tough economy, and maintain a stable standard of living. While interest rates are making debt more costly, the excessive regulations, taxes, and now the carbon tax will make it all worse.

It’s really simple: Higher interest rates means less money in people’s pockets, and higher taxes and the higher cost of living from federal policies takes even more money away – pushing more people towards financial ruin.

A massive tax cut for Canadian workers, an investment in real, tangible infrastructure (fixing roads, fixing sewage systems, building up the military, getting pipelines built), and cutting back on excessive regulations would all help alleviate the economic problems caused by higher interest rates.

Instead, the Trudeau government is doing the opposite, making the burden on Canadians even worse and pushing our economy closer towards recession and crisis.

Spencer Fernando

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The limousine liberals love to tell us everything is fine. Absolutely not!!

sandra c

That’s because everything “is” Rosie for them. Good pay and perks, plus anything they can ding us for behind our backs.

Don Taylor

Trudeau was a disaster from day one,people would be wise to remember his continual lies come election day.


At $50, the Trudeau / McKenna Carbon Tax will cost Canadians roughly $1000 / year in after tax income at current rates. The average family will have to generate almost $2000 in pre-tax income JUST to pay their Carbon Tax. Imagine, roughly the first two weeks, maybe more, of your yearly income will be taken by Trudeau and barbie at a time when we are trying to pay Christmas bills. Roughly $100 / month when many are only $200 away from falling over the financial cliff. $100 is nothing if unexpected costs come up. New glasses, broken cell, almost anything.


And that does not include the increase of CPP premium for each household which will be about $2,500 per year starting this year.


The bank of Canada needs to be restored to it’s original mandate. Providing interest free currency for infrastructure and Canadian needs.


I wonder if the lawyer Rocco Galati is still working on that file.


Justin will promise all that you suggest and steal most of the Conservative platform. But he wont deliver. He’s a liar, a scoundrel and a traitor.


The cost of expanding the Canadian military would not help average Canadians, especially pensioners and anyone else who has had to use credit cards to bridge income cheques. Rather, Canada should create a division of CSIS that operates much like the Israeli Mossad or the U.S. CIA, that can surgically remove Canada’s enemies without enriching the bankers and arms makers.

Major Tom

It’s all about destroying the Middle Class….to better merge with Global Governance…..


When we get around to facing the truth we can talk about neoliberalism and how it generates poverty and how we live in corporate welfare state run by vested interests. Trudeau is not liberal but a neoliberal. His father was our last liberal prime minister.


And again I must think the eastern electorate for this.
I’m sure this will not be posted though.

shawn harris

And yet with all the evidence slowly coming out,proving Trudeau’s economic policies to be a total failure. Where is Trudeau, just glossing over the damage he has done to our economy and to our children’s future and blaming everyone else but himself and his government. Trudeau is the origin, nexus and centre of why our economy is declining and producing results that send our jobs,our investment dollars and businesses south of the border. A wise man once said,”that for any nation that would tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to pull himself… Read more »

Karen Anderson

This witch needs to go !!!!

Ivan Hawkes

Justin and Morneau were both born with golden spoons in their brains… I mean mouths. Neither one has a clue about what life is actually like for people, nor do they care whatsoever. Borrowing tons of money which comes with compounding interest, then GIVING AWAY BILLIONS and blowing multiples of millions on foolish projects is nothing to them. Their personal fortunes and foundations are exempt from being touched, while all of the weight of their antics bear down onto the people of Canada.