WATCH: Rempel Slams Hussen For Border Comments

“With this comment, Trudeau’s Minister is an actual fearmonger. How uncanadian.”

Conservative Immigration Shadow Minister Michelle Rempel slammed Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen for his false claim that the Conservatives want to “militarize the border.”

After the comments were made, Rempel took to Twitter:

“Trudeau is so desperate to divide Canadians over his failure to stop the abuse of our asylum system that he had his Minister (who calls people unCanadian) conjur images that our plan to extend the STCA to the entire border involves soldiers with guns. THIS is fearmongering.”

“Remember in 2006 when the Liberals were at their most desperate, they put this ad out, which they had to pull? Trudeau’s Minister just did the same thing today. “The CPC would militarize the border”. This is deseparate, unCanadian, divisive fearmongering.”

“With this comment, Trudeau’s Minister is an actual fearmonger. How uncanadian. RT if you’re sick and tired of their disgusting attempts to divide our country instead of stopping the abuse of our asylum system.”

Rempel also slammed Hussen’s comments in a video, which you can watch below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube