Video Shows Contrast In How Bernier & Scheer Handle Pipeline Question In Quebec

Scheer says they’ll look for “common ground,” Bernier says he would use federal authority to get pipeline through.

A video shared by Maxime Bernier online shows how he and Andrew Scheer contrast in their handling of questions about getting a pipeline through Quebec.

Both were asked similar questions, and it was the same interviewer in both cases.

Scheer tried to focus on a more politically-correct answer, while Bernier said he would use constitutional authority to ensure pipelines go forward even if the Quebec government disagreed.

Here’s how they answered the questions:

Spencer Fernando

Photos – Twitter

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Canadians all need these pipelines, even a lot of the good people of Quebec agree, these environmental pipelines are way safer than another terrible tragedy or polluting ships traveling half way around the world from unsafe countries into Canadian waterways at great expense and risk. There is only one reason politically that Quebec’s politicians are still hoping for that I can think of, as usual…


Your article has helped me make up my mind, Spencer. If given the opportunity I will definitely vote for Bernier. If he has the stones to go against the Tides Foundation and their paid Greenie flunkies and the American Big Oil cartel that keeps Alberta essentially subsidizing our oil so we can buy it back, refined, at the world price, perhaps he can pull Canada’s sovereignty out of the fire Turdo put it into. The only challenge will be for the RCMP and CSIS – keeping their CIA buddies from thinking Maxine is some South American revolutionary who needs to… Read more »

shawn harris

Quebec hardly ever reaches an agreement with other provinces or the federal government without usually resorting to extortion to get what it wants at the expense of Canada. So talking with Quebec is a waste of time and taxpayers money. Bernier can ,if he should become PM, force a pipeline through Quebec, but at what cost to national unity and co operation between the provinces, Quebec and the federal government. If Scheer wishes to talk to Quebec, he must forcefully make them understand, that it is also in their best interests to see Canadian oil reach tidewater and go to… Read more »

Brian Dougan

Scheer has no guts. Before the interview; he checks his cheat sheet. Cardinal rule #1: What does the CBC want to hear? Bernier: A man with guts. A man with principle. What’s in the best interests of Canada/Canadians? Period. What a breath of fresh air.


Andrew sheer is not prime minister material


If anyone had any doubt that Bernier is the real deal this video should dispel any concerns. Bernier is not afraid to say in Quebec what he will say in English Canada and that goes for every subject including immigration. Scheer would not be much better than Trudeau. I hope Canadians find the courage to vote for Bernier. We can make it happen! Remember people laughed when Trump announced he was running for President. The hill for Bernier is no tougher a climb.

Gonzo the Magnificent



If Sheer doesn’t get a backbone he’s done. Split vote is a real danger.

S Willis

The cold hard truth of the matter is that Sheer has no backbone. Canada needs a person with strong conviction and the guts to take a stand and follow through. Bernier has already proven that he can do this by leaving the CPC and saying things that even many conservatives find shocking. I am fed up with the namby-pamby “don’t split the vote” conservatives who blast me for going to Bernier. One even had the audacity to tell me that I was no longer a conservative, blah, blah blah. I say directly back to him/them if you do not want… Read more »


Talk is cheap. Anyone can say they will bend Quebec to their will and force them to accept a pipeline. But you, and I, and everyone knows that it is just political posturing and the reality is that it has a zero perecent chance of working.

But after promising a lie and getting elected he just has to say I tried , .

Duke Magoo

Does it matter how differently they handle an issue? The fact is that Bernier is going to split the conservative vote and guarantee another Trudeau government which may just lead to the break up of Canada.

Duke Magoo

I might add that I am totally in favor of Bernier being PM, although that may never happen in this Demented Dominion of cowardly sheep.