Justin Trudeau’s 2015 Majority Government Win Looks Increasingly Illegitimate Due To Role Of Foreign Interference

Considering how narrow the margin of victory was in many seats, and considering how groups funded by U.S. billionaires sought to interfere in the election and destroy Canada’s energy industry, there are growing doubts about whether Trudeau actually won in a legitimate way.

For over 2 years, the United States has been gripped by the ‘collusion’ issue.

The question of whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia has been obsessively covered by the establishment media – even here in Canada.

The issue is still ongoing, though no clear evidence of collusion has yet been found.

Yet, here at home, there is widespread evidence of interference in the 2015 Canadian Federal Election, from groups linked to U.S. billionaires.

In fact, those groups have explicitly said that their goal was to defeat the Conservatives and get a government in place that would do what the U.S. billionaires want – cripple and ultimately destroy Canada’s energy industry.

Groups like CorpEthics and Tides were actively involved in the campaign, with Tides in Canada campaigning explicitly for the defeat of the Conservatives.

That is textbook, undeniable foreign interference in our election, a clear violation of our sovereignty and our democracy.

Yet, it’s received almost no coverage, as I pointed out on Twitter:

“It’s absurd that – while the U.S. has been consumed with ‘collusion’ for 2 years – here in Canada there’s clear evidence of foreign interference in our elections & against Canada’s oil industry, & the establishment media barely covers it. It’s the biggest scandal of the decade.”


The potential implications of this foreign interference is immense and disturbing.

For example, the difference between a majority government and a minority government is massive in the Canadian system. It is literally the difference between an elected dictatorship, and parties being forced to compromise and listen to others.

In a majority government, the Opposition is almost entirely powerless. In a minority government, the opposition gets much of what they want put into legislation.

Consider these facts:

170 seats are needed for a majority government.

The Liberals won 184 seats.

Out of those 184 seats won by the Liberals, the Conservatives finished second in 111 of them.

In the country, 70 ridings were won by a margin of 5 percentage points or less.

The Liberals won 34 of those.

If 15 had gone a different way, the Liberals would have had a minority government, instead of a majority.

With a margin of 5% or less, then a swing of 2.5% from the Liberals to the second place party (the Conservatives in most cases), would be all that is necessary for a different winner.

Tides gave $1.5 MILLION USD to groups in Canada trying to defeat the Conservatives.

In 2015, following the election, Leadnow (part of the same anti-Conservative effort as Tides), said this:

“The Conservatives were defeated in 25 out of 29 ridings, and . . . in the seats the Conservatives lost, our recommended candidate was the winner 96 per cent of the time.””

And consider this: “NDP candidates and even CUPE complained about Leadnow’s activities being anti-democratic.”

As I reported earlier, Researcher Vivian Krause uncovered that the U.S. based CorpEthics – which has Tides among their clients – openly admitted to participating in defeating the Conservatives:

“It also played a role in helping to unseat the Conservative Party in Alberta and nationally.”

So, what we now have before us is clear, undeniable evidence that 1) foreign money interfered in our election, 2) that interference was directed towards defeating the Conservatives, and 3) considering that both the NDP and Conservatives were worried about it while the Liberals weren’t, the Liberals – who barely won a majority – were the main beneficiaries.

This raises the serious question, not only of the legitimacy of the election results, but of every piece of legislation passed by the Liberals.

After all, if a government was elected under fraudulent means, doesn’t that also mean that everything they do as a government is fraudulent and illegitimate?

Perhaps that’s why the Liberals so-called election ‘safeguard,’ is focused on cracking down on free speech online, while leaving the same loopholes wide-open for foreign money to enter Canada and sway our upcoming election.

This is a perilous moment for Canadian democracy, and we need to do everything we can to make all Canadians aware of it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Steve Richards

Great piece Spencer I will forward a link to everyone I know. Just found this new group pop up today in Google ads, looks like another NDP and others backdoor funded group pushing the agenda to close more of Alberta’s land to public use. Where are the checks and balances to stop this type of thing. Where is this money coming from?
https://action.cpaws.org And look what happens when you just punch this in………….

Don Taylor

It will be hard for any Canadian to trust the media Again and especially when Trudeau and his gang of thugs gave the media over 600 million dollars of the TAXPAYERS money


At the present time, funding in place 6 months or more before an election is considered legitimate even if it is from foreign donors. This is the major reason Tides and all their “charity” recipients as well as all their staff and volunteers MUST be audited in the next few months and well before the election. Dogwood, one of the enviro-fascist organizations, received quite a bit of the welfare doled out by Tides Canada. They bragged about how they had influenced the outcome in quite a few ridings and even in elections of City mayors across Canada. Hmmmm Victoria, Vancouver,… Read more »

Don Taylor

I think that is why Butts and Brison jumped the ship ,before it went down

Ken (Kulak)

Spencer, thanks for this.

You can bet that these same groups will heavily financing Liberal candidates this coming fall.
Vivian is a true hero for staying on this file for years now and exposing it. Finally, she is being recognized more publicly. The Conservative Party and the PPC should make use of her material in this fall’s election.

Ed Peebles

If this action is not stopped and allowed to Happen again then Democracy in Canada is pretty well dead , I guess then there is a price on Democracy! I thought that there was an article in the Criminal Code of Canada that spoke to this ?

Major Tom

Add to the equation the Obama ‘Dream Team’ that helped Trudeau win….Airlifted to Canada….the questions regarding their work permits and authority to interfere in a Canadian election…..were never answered!
Alleged secret funding from friendly Islamic states and tax free foundations remain under the radar…..

james edward

I had heard that also. We all are finding out how corrupt BO and his White House were. Same guys different Manchurian Candidates

David MacKAY

But how do you do anything about it when Trudeau’s Majority is a Dictatorship – and that is what Trudeau wanted and he will not allow any legislation to change it. Psychopaths who take over organizations or who perpetrate crimes against their victims always have to tell in advance what they intend to do. They always do it. Investigation later determines that the victims either did not take the warnings seriously or didn’t believe the Criminals comments Trudeau on more than one occasion before becoming Prime Minister had said/warned voters that he admired Dictators because they got things done. Trudeau… Read more »


I think most people are aware of this problem, so what can we do about it? Why are the other parties not bringing this up and having it investigated?


They are corrupt as well. Being infiltrated by the elite to compromise our country. The established political parties have been compromised by greed and power. No longer are they concerned about the country but how much they can gain during their time in office.

pancake rachelcorrie

my god what has happened to my country?


The people elected someone who will deceive them. They base the election on who is better looking rather than the policies laid out. It still continues today and the media has shown how corrupt they are yet people still listen. The Canadian people aren’t ready to handle the truth and no longer seek out the best leader. They are like little children and the politicians treat them as such. The election coming will show just how corrupt the system is.

Arie Intveld

CPC’s MP Cheryl Gallant will be kicking off debate on her Private Members Bill, C-278, The Foreign Lobbyist Transparency Act. Along with Vivian Krause’s well-researched evidence on foreign interference, it’s a good start to shedding some light on which foreign players are mucking with our elections. Now what about domestic interference? Unifor’s Jerry (Bias) Dias, who is the union mouthpiece for Canada’s journalists, is on record stating that he will initiate a smear campaign against Andrew Scheer. Rest assured that Dias will “make recommendations” for allocating the $595 million Trudeau has pledged to our media. This is the same Jerry… Read more »


“… here at home, there is widespread evidence of interference in the 2015 Canadian Federal Election.. .”
Widespread evidence, and yet the mainstream media would rather report on collusion story south of the border that has gone nowhere in two years…


The media has no substance anymore. It is like walking through a forest of plastic trees and listening to a recording of birds. No longer a valid source of information as it has been paid for by the government.


Trudeau is so corrupt, as he is working for the globalist elites. I hope that Mr Scheer is ready for a unfair election.


Mr Scheer is part of the problem. He won the leadership through corruption so he is as ready as Trudeau. The next election will be a joke as corruption seems to be rampant in politics.


I have been pointing this out since 2015 but have had no response until now. Thank you. Trudeau was run by Obama’s election team and I fear that they are still active as is Soros, but Canadians are waking up. Now lets get that usurper out of office!

John Smithstein

Sorry I’m not fully clear on the policy regarding political funding in Canada. Is there a set date by which donations must stop? Also, I don’t think “charities” are very successful in changing the views of people. We live in a time where a lot of people will be locked into their vote regardless of the news they hear. I think the connotation of the term interference implies a more underhanded and extreme method of political manipulation. The point about liberals and conservatives being top 2 in a lot of places also seems off. Most of the vote will always… Read more »


Justin Trudeau thought that the millions of $$$$$ he got was all his. Not a chance. It came with a big price.

Outside influence know how easy Justin is. Flash him a few millions on conditions he follows their command. Making Justin the. ‘bought’ and use fool to do anything against Canada came as easy as pie to eat at their hearts content. Also those outside influences know that the Canadian media are gullible and will do anything for their ‘bought and use’ Justin Trudeau.

james edward

If we knew the depth of election interference the election would have been overturned and people charged. PMO and his enablers will make sure it is never investigated and are hoping it works again in 2019. There is a great chance they will manipulate another election and be yet again unaccountable. If the Conservatives win they must start an investigation into the 2015 election and the NGO foreign agents. This is nuts !

shawn harris

Trudeau’s persona like his government is an illegitimate and criminal fraud. With all the evidence coming together, that shows his election victory was packaged, paid and bought with foreign money, AMERICAN MONEY, and heavily influenced by illegal American political activists. The RCMP, CSIS should be conducting a thorough criminal investigation. Along with buying his way into 24 Sussex Drive; it raises the question of who else was bought off, to allow his illegal election victory to happen?. It is also curious that the same Elections Canada, that vigorously goes after most politicians and candidates for even the smallest of election… Read more »


Justin Trudeau seems to think he can say and do what ever he wants with out the canadian people agreeing to it . No different then NDP with Notley here in Alberta. They both have to be over thrown in the coming elections.. we can not afford a split vote again like what happened last time in Alberta!!!! Everybody has to remember everything both Trudeau and Notley did wrong for before they started to pretend they care!! Because they do care about any thing accept getting another term. So they can screw up Albertans and Canadians again for 4 ears.… Read more »


If this is so and he won by fraudulant means he should immediatly be removed from office and any and all decesions reversed or declared null and void ant the lieberal party fully charged with treason


Harper should take this up with the Queen. That how he prevented a Stefan Dion government.

don morris

Yes,i well remember the Tides spokesman bragging about defeating the Conservatives in 25 ridings,but no one see4med outraged,I suppose because the Right People won, the Left.

If we had a true democracy,the agency in charge of elections would have discovered this interference and voided the election in the ridings election Tides claimed to have stolen, forcing byelections in all 29 ridings,but unfortunately we don’t live in a democracy. Psuedo-democracy.


How can the conservatives win when this underhandedness goes on? I vote conservative but the legal way isn’t the winning way.


Want to become awake. Read, “Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy”. Your Tides Foundation founder was specifically mentioned.

I call your attention to this reference because it is the same playbook involved. “Know your enemy”, Sun Tzu. If you think you can remain ignorant and be a viable block to these vermin you are deluding yourself. Knowledge is free, it is your only means of resisting tyranny.

Tim Graham

Write your MPs folks and ask

Don Taylor

Spencer ,Let the Canadian people know what can be done, to undo what the corrupt liberals have done under the corrupt guidance of Justin Trudeau, the FAKE PM


Following the lead of successful campaigns in several U.S. states, a new Canadian lobby group has a $7 million budget and a two-year plan to elect Members of Parliament who support the legalization of marijuana in Canada. – quote from The National Post article by Jeff Jedras Feb 20 2014 google this headline Jeff Jedras: Liberals get help from pro-pot group.
Where did the money come from ? What happened with this group Legalize Canada ?

Major Tom

Yes indeed…….Corruption beyond measure…….