Justin Trudeau’s 2015 Majority Government Win Looks Increasingly Illegitimate Due To Role Of Foreign Interference

Considering how narrow the margin of victory was in many seats, and considering how groups funded by U.S. billionaires sought to interfere in the election and destroy Canada’s energy industry, there are growing doubts about whether Trudeau actually won in a legitimate way.

For over 2 years, the United States has been gripped by the ‘collusion’ issue.

The question of whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia has been obsessively covered by the establishment media – even here in Canada.

The issue is still ongoing, though no clear evidence of collusion has yet been found.

Yet, here at home, there is widespread evidence of interference in the 2015 Canadian Federal Election, from groups linked to U.S. billionaires.

In fact, those groups have explicitly said that their goal was to defeat the Conservatives and get a government in place that would do what the U.S. billionaires want – cripple and ultimately destroy Canada’s energy industry.

Groups like CorpEthics and Tides were actively involved in the campaign, with Tides in Canada campaigning explicitly for the defeat of the Conservatives.

That is textbook, undeniable foreign interference in our election, a clear violation of our sovereignty and our democracy.

Yet, it’s received almost no coverage, as I pointed out on Twitter:

“It’s absurd that – while the U.S. has been consumed with ‘collusion’ for 2 years – here in Canada there’s clear evidence of foreign interference in our elections & against Canada’s oil industry, & the establishment media barely covers it. It’s the biggest scandal of the decade.”


The potential implications of this foreign interference is immense and disturbing.

For example, the difference between a majority government and a minority government is massive in the Canadian system. It is literally the difference between an elected dictatorship, and parties being forced to compromise and listen to others.

In a majority government, the Opposition is almost entirely powerless. In a minority government, the opposition gets much of what they want put into legislation.

Consider these facts:

170 seats are needed for a majority government.

The Liberals won 184 seats.

Out of those 184 seats won by the Liberals, the Conservatives finished second in 111 of them.

In the country, 70 ridings were won by a margin of 5 percentage points or less.

The Liberals won 34 of those.

If 15 had gone a different way, the Liberals would have had a minority government, instead of a majority.

With a margin of 5% or less, then a swing of 2.5% from the Liberals to the second place party (the Conservatives in most cases), would be all that is necessary for a different winner.

Tides gave $1.5 MILLION USD to groups in Canada trying to defeat the Conservatives.

In 2015, following the election, Leadnow (part of the same anti-Conservative effort as Tides), said this:

“The Conservatives were defeated in 25 out of 29 ridings, and . . . in the seats the Conservatives lost, our recommended candidate was the winner 96 per cent of the time.””

And consider this: “NDP candidates and even CUPE complained about Leadnow’s activities being anti-democratic.”

As I reported earlier, Researcher Vivian Krause uncovered that the U.S. based CorpEthics – which has Tides among their clients – openly admitted to participating in defeating the Conservatives:

“It also played a role in helping to unseat the Conservative Party in Alberta and nationally.”

So, what we now have before us is clear, undeniable evidence that 1) foreign money interfered in our election, 2) that interference was directed towards defeating the Conservatives, and 3) considering that both the NDP and Conservatives were worried about it while the Liberals weren’t, the Liberals – who barely won a majority – were the main beneficiaries.

This raises the serious question, not only of the legitimacy of the election results, but of every piece of legislation passed by the Liberals.

After all, if a government was elected under fraudulent means, doesn’t that also mean that everything they do as a government is fraudulent and illegitimate?

Perhaps that’s why the Liberals so-called election ‘safeguard,’ is focused on cracking down on free speech online, while leaving the same loopholes wide-open for foreign money to enter Canada and sway our upcoming election.

This is a perilous moment for Canadian democracy, and we need to do everything we can to make all Canadians aware of it.

Spencer Fernando

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