MINISTRY OF TRUTH: Trudeau’s ‘Media Truth Monitors’ Are A Disturbing, Soviet-Style Move To Manipulate Elections

Government appointees telling Canadians what is ‘true’ and what isn’t is a system designed to be abused.

As Blacklocks Reporter revealed, the Trudeau government is planning to spend $7 million on ‘media truth monitors,’ but the government won’t say who they are:

“Government-sponsored fact checkers were not publicly identified. One is a group led by a former Toronto Star executive.”

Notably, the Toronto Star has received government funding under the Liberals, as pointed out by Rachel Curran:

“…cabinet will spend $7 million to hire monitors to “critically assess online news reporting” in election-year coverage. One [gov’t-sponsored fact checker] is a group led by a former Toronto Star executive” – a group that has received nearly $600K in gov’t contracts since 2015.”

And while the Trudeau Liberals are trying to downplay all of this, people are realizing how disturbing and Orwellian it is:

“Gov’t controlling the news. Welcome to the new Soviet Union. Unbelievable.”

“What needs to happen is the opposition must somehow make it clear to voters that this is unacceptable. The gov’t is simply taking over the media using tax dollars to do so. It is astounding that people are not more up in arms about it. #wakeup!!!!”

“Interesting. I always thought that “fact checking” was based on verifying the facts, events, material evidence and logical support for a claim, not who made the claim… And who is going to be deciding “where this information is coming from, [and] what their objective is”??”

“Is she now the Minister of Truth?”

“Thought Police.”

“This looks like an incredibly unworkable and ridiculous new government policy. There’s no way there could be unbiased objective assessments of what is fake or half-truth news. Newspapers should be treated the same as any other media. Why would be newspapers be exempted?”

“Newspapers are likely exempt because they’ve already been paid off to the tune of $595,000,000 of tax payer money to continue their support for the Liberal Party.”

Canadians must stand against this authoritarian assault

If the government is allowed to get away with this, our freedom of speech and democracy will be shredded. Government ‘media truth monitors’ are something you expect in a soviet state, not a supposedly free country.

Spread the word on this Big Brother-style garbage, and support independent sources of information that are fighting back against the dangerous Trudeau government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Ed Peebles

The Charter of Rights guarantees all Canadians the right to Security, this violates that ! Justin you’re not near as smart as you think !

You needn’t worry about the millions of us concerned Canadians who are very aware of what is happening regarding the “Ministry of Truth”. You will see it reflected in the October elections!

Ken (Kulak)

Thank you Spencer. Minister of Truth and Thought Police indeed. This government has come right out into the open with its communistic plans of people control through punitive fraudulent carbon taxes, owning the media through big payoffs and now this. The Bolsheviks would be proud of how easy it has been.

Wait until Andrew hears about this.


Russia and China are far more advanced now in weapon technology and learned that our bodies were NOT designed to be in space, deep water or high speed/Torque and are doing away with manned subs as they can now go much deeper and far less monitored for weapon advancement.


Pandora is…you cannot unlearn what you read.
Eventually it will be thought about.


They wont stop until we are crushed completely and canada becomes a complete dictatorship

Moe. S.

Trudeau, like a crime boss who rules through intimidation. Power is all about intimidation. It rules and controls the people. If one feels not intimidating enough, then you hire people who are and will do your dirting work for you.

shawn harris

No one ever would have thought that the Twilight Zone tv show would transform into the Ministry of Truth here in Canada. Trudeau has also transformed from the fake feminist selfie loving freakshow, that he was/still is, into a very dangerous megalomaniac politician. That sees himself as another Fidel castro or Hugo Chavez. Who believes that Canadians don’t have the ability to discern the truth and can’t recognise a liar when they see or hear one speaking. And just who vetts these so called independent Ministry of Truth bureaucrats, who are now going to determine who is liar or who… Read more »


The truth sounds like hate to those who hate the truth. Don’t worry. Trudeau’s people will only attack those who support Conservative Party views and/or their candidates. Trudeau met with Facebook last year and we all know how well that is working out for the liberals, democrats and the politically correct crowd. Yes 1984 is here, and it is scary. Andrew….. now is the time to show us your strength.


If Trudeau is re-elected in October, not only will it be the end of Canada, it will also be the end of freedom in this country. Please, please….STOP TRUDEAU.

don morris

The Opposition Parties have to raise hell about this, assuming they are against it, of course. We knew Trudeau and Butts had a totalitarian streak, but his one is beyond what anyone expected.

Scheer,Bernier, and the NDP have got to repeat this “Ministry of Truth” phrase until the LPC and media become afraid to even mention it any more,and we can only hope the government will drop this idea like the Stalinist move it really is.

Again, I emphasize, IF the Opposition Parties are against it, though they could be just waiting for their chance to utilize it.

Brian Dougan

Trudeau’s “fact checker” is a “former Toronto Star executive.” Surprise surprise! They’ve already disqualified themselves. That hard core Left wing rag is as bad as the CBC. Things are really getting out of hand; Canada is on dangerous ground.


Monitor This Trudeau, Your a Complete IDIOT, when the Liberals finally see they made HUGE mistake in putting Trudeau as their Leader, If it it has not happened yet, it will happen. The sooner that happens will be a good day in Canada