Bernier Points Out Hypocrisy Of ‘Cultural Appropriation’ After CBC Promotes ‘World Hijab Day’

What are the rules?

People’s Party of Canada Maxime Bernier recently tweeted about an example of glaring hypocrisy.

For years, the left has kept pushing the ‘cultural appropriation’ idea, slamming anyone who ‘dares’ to wear an outfit or style their hair in a way that supposedly ‘belongs’ to another group.

This has left people wondering ‘what are the rules,’ since many felt that by embracing examples of different cultures they were doing exactly what the left claimed to want.

Yet, the left seems to be just fine with people wearing Hijabs, even if the people wearing them aren’t Muslim.

And Bernier pointed out how hypocritical this all is after CBC London ‘invited’ people to try on a Hijab:

Leftist logic:

❌ Wear a Chinese dress at prom
❌ Wear an aboriginal costume at Halloween
❌ Wear dreadlocks if you’re white
❌ Teach yoga if you’re not Indian
= Cultural appropriation

✅ Try on a hijab on World Hijab Day
= Diversity

And why is a national broadcaster promoting this? Imam Tawhidi explained that CBC shouldn’t be picking sides:

“Women should be able to wear and not wear whatever they want. However you (a national broadcaster funded by the taxpayers) have no right to promote a particular religious practice. If you promote World Hijab Day then you must also give the No Hijab Day an equal promotion.”

Bernier is saying what many people are thinking: Why do the elites condemn some so-called ‘cultural appropriation,’ while pushing another example of it?

Either it’s all unacceptable, or none of it is acceptable.

And it’s funny how cultural appropriation is never applied to non-Western societies.

After all, democracy is an invention of the Western world. The business suit is an invention of the Western world. So, aren’t all politicians outside the Western world who are democratically elected and wear business suits practicing cultural appropriation?

Of course it’s absurd, but by the standards of the left basically everything becomes ‘cultural appropriation’ in one way or another.

That’s why those who get attacked by the left need to dismiss the shrieking insanity of those who cry ‘cultural appropriation,’ and why common sense people across the political spectrum need to stand against it and push back.

Spencer Fernando

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