Trudeau Government To Give $53 Million Taxpayer Dollars To Organizations & Countries Surrounding Venezuela

How can the government keep finding all this money for non-citizens while the needs of Canadians go unmet?

The Trudeau government is giving more taxpayer dollars away to foreign countries and non citizens.

According to the CP, “Trudeau also announced $53 million worth of humanitarian assistance Monday for the “most-pressing needs” of Venezuelans, including the almost 3 million refugees. The funds will go to “trusted partners” and neighbouring countries, he said.”

Venezuelan refugees certainly need help. However, that help should not be coming from the Canadian federal government, since all the money spent by the federal government was first taken away from the Canadian People.

Instead, private organizations should be providing support. Rather than spending taxpayer dollars on foreign countries and non-citizens, Trudeau should use his large Twitter following to raise awareness of private organizations helping refugees. A tweet from him would probably bring in tons of donations.

But instead, Trudeau – who tells Veterans they’re asking for too much and presides over a Canada where there is substantial poverty and economic struggle – is taking more money from Canadians and giving it away.

Foreign aid is simply unacceptable, and it needs to be brought to an end. The resources of the Canadian government should only be spent on the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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