Trudeau Government To Give $53 Million Taxpayer Dollars To Organizations & Countries Surrounding Venezuela

How can the government keep finding all this money for non-citizens while the needs of Canadians go unmet?

The Trudeau government is giving more taxpayer dollars away to foreign countries and non citizens.

According to the CP, “Trudeau also announced $53 million worth of humanitarian assistance Monday for the “most-pressing needs” of Venezuelans, including the almost 3 million refugees. The funds will go to “trusted partners” and neighbouring countries, he said.”

Venezuelan refugees certainly need help. However, that help should not be coming from the Canadian federal government, since all the money spent by the federal government was first taken away from the Canadian People.

Instead, private organizations should be providing support. Rather than spending taxpayer dollars on foreign countries and non-citizens, Trudeau should use his large Twitter following to raise awareness of private organizations helping refugees. A tweet from him would probably bring in tons of donations.

But instead, Trudeau – who tells Veterans they’re asking for too much and presides over a Canada where there is substantial poverty and economic struggle – is taking more money from Canadians and giving it away.

Foreign aid is simply unacceptable, and it needs to be brought to an end. The resources of the Canadian government should only be spent on the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Jerome Gross

What about the people who are struggling in Canada to make ends ..that 53 million could go along way to help here instead of throwing it away to other countries….Oh that’s right he doesn’t care about Canadians.


He is no giving away my money or your money. Canada does not have any surplus money. He is just creating a larger debt, which we will pay interest on and that is increasing every year. As long as we do not have a balanced budget that allocates our tax dollars wisely, and have a surplus, and a plan to repay the debt, no one should be getting handouts. Including all Canadian citizens. If we do not start acting responsible we will have all of our so called free goodies repossessed. That is how Venezuela got into their current mess.


What Canadians think of Trudeau’s spending doesn’t seem to concern him, even in an election year.

Iraj G

There’s a reason he has no need to be concerned. Check the other article on this site about foreign interference and US billionaire financing in our 2015 election. They got him his job and in exchange he shut down our oil industry. I’m sure his billionaire globalist friends are already busy interfering with the 2019 election right now, and with an even larger war chest. Don’t be surprised if he gets back in on an even bigger majority this time.


Need to raise more Carbon tax money to spread the wealth…oh and Regime change.


Democracy in action…gotta love it!


Trudeau has appointed himself the Savior of the world. United Trudeau Nations. We knew this right from the start. He has no concept of how this money is going to be repaid other than his Trudeau Climate Tax.


He doesn’t care. He a spoiled trust fund kid.


well, don’t you remember that a star appeared over the Ottawa Civic Hospital on the Christmas Day when he was born?

A.A. Burley

It amazes me that ppl will still vote for trudeau, he can spend taxpayers money with ease for Global reasons, yet our Military Veterans have to fight for Global reasons and then most personnel come home, only to have fight trudeau over pensions. when he said Canada is back he misspoke.
Canada is at the back of the line from a worldly perspective, but soon to be at the front of the World list for bankruptcy and foreclosures. Another two subjects the foundation fool cannot understand.


He is from Quebec and he gives them mega millions besides being born there and a Trudeau. Time to separate from Quebec .


You can’t fix stupid. He needs to be voted out.


Just how deep is this purse he keeps taking from.


Trudeau has experience in skiing but zero skills in finance. OH I am sorry he is really hell bent on turning Canada into a third world country where we will be in need of foreign aid.


Of course, Trudeau is giving away 53 million of OUR money to Venezuela. He wants to look good and caring on the world stage. But he has NO money for Canadians and does NOT care about Canadians. This Joke of a PM most definitely has to GO, like yesterday!


To buy airline tickets to Canada? Even Canada’s former ambassador to Venezuela warned against this typical misguided liberal charity.


Canadian people need help and he keeps borrowing money to give to other countries. The people in Venezuela will not see any of it. He needs a mental evluation because no PM in the history of Canada was as stupid as him with no concern for Canada and its people. He has to be dethroned but never are enough fools who will still vote for him and that is Quebec and some Provinces in the Maritimes. Time to separate from Quebec permanently.


When you’re right, you are right–the gov’t has no right to use the citizens money for something that doesn’t directly benefit those citizens

Glen Aldridge

Hold on a sec. We have been complaining about foreign interference & influence in Canadian elections & The Liberals turn around & give $53 Million to “trusted partners” in Venezuela? Just how did he determine that they were trustworthy? By their Credit Rating? This is just more hypocrisy from Trudeau influencing the Political & financial outcome of a leftist Government.

James Ross

Spencer – You nailed it man!! This money-spending maniac has to be stopped!!


I agree 100% James. We are getting poorer day by day and the PM has no idea how we fell because he has never asked. I was shocked to hear yesterday how very popular he is in Quebec. I can’t quite see why but there you have it.

Major Tom

Just another Communist using his authority to rob his own people…….

Ed Peebles

Why Doesn’t he give away his own Millions ?

old white guy

Just remember folks most of the money the liberals are spending is being borrowed from future generations of Canadians. Canada has no real money.

Thelma Major

Not because Trudeau is rich we seniors are not so fortunate. We have to do without. Medication seeing a dentist which means going without teeth. Lost hearing so go without help and glasses to improve our eyesights. How can this little brat not help the seniors before other countries We are the people who built this Country and trusted Trudeau to help us. How wrong we were.
I don’t have a website can nearly get something to eat. Trust me I know because I’m one of the seniors living Day to day.


Wouldn’t this clasify as funding a coup de ta, I hope I spelled that right I would not want some lefty libtard jumping down my throat for misspelling that.


JT wants to dismantle Canada, and make friends elsewhere. I read PT, the father of JT was the same. But many ‘like’ them, vote for them? Maybe hate conservatives? He’ll possibly make G. Soros happy, but he’s buying friends. He’s fulfilling his mission: destroy Canada, Canadians.
Canada might JOIN Venezuela soon!!

Richard Gauthier

Give give give but not to who needs it!!!…. “People from Canada”


And the federal government in the meantime is cutting more from the Veterans; cutting $1.8 billion.

Karen Anderson

This so called P.M. is killing us !!!!