FACT CHECK: Justin Trudeau’s Claim That Low-Income Families “Don’t Pay Taxes”


Justin Trudeau has made the following claim:

“Low income families don’t benefit from tax breaks because they don’t pay taxes.”

SpencerFernando.com has analyzed Justin Trudeau’s claim.

Here are the facts:

Everyone who earns 11,809 or more pays federal income tax. That means a large portion of low-income families are paying federal income tax.

Low-income families pay sales taxes.

Low-income families pay gas taxes.

Low-income families pay carbon taxes.

Low-income families pay payroll taxes.

As a result of these facts, Justin Trudeau’s claim that “low-income families don’t benefit from tax breaks because they don’t pay taxes” is rated as 100% FALSE.

Please share this fact-check widely to spread the truth.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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William Roberts

A day doesn’t go by that Drama Boy doesn’t say something really stupid.


Kind of like a Trump north except President Trump actually cares for his country. He goes about it in a weird way, but he really does. Trudeau does not give a damn about Canada or Canadians, he cares about himself. He is a legend in his own mind.

His statement shows he has no concept of “low income”. Same with “middle class”. To him those words are just some imaginary meaningless buzz words.

Faith Cook

trudeau hasn’t got a clue as to what citizens in this country do to have to pay. He has never had to look after himself since day one. My mother in law worked all of her adult life and paid her taxes. Yet when she retired without a pension plan and solely relied on her government pensions : OAS, CPP & SAFER, she had to PAY tax every year at income tax time! She would receive tiny increases and the government repeatedly got them back & then some! She was at poverty level and still had to pay! Trudeau has… Read more »

R William Donaldson

Spencer… Please compile a booklet or magazine listing all the stupid things Junior has said.

Robert Rice

The 5 year old got $10.00 from their grandmother for their birthday. They wanted to buy some stickers, a coloring book and crayons at the dollar store, their parents are going in the hole more and more each month and cannot afford even the simplest of things for their child..This child was so excited about getting these things, and was going to give the remaining $7.00 to their parents for food. . Three items so they thought it would be $3.00. Nope not at all, $3.50 AFTER TAX. A 5 year year old even pays taxes, even if their parents… Read more »

Iraj G

People on federal social programs pay federal tax as well. I am on CPP Disability and they take tax out of my payments. I only get a portion of it back. I’m guessing it’s the same for seniors on CPP/OAS.

peter black

Trudope doesn’t have a clue whats going on and obviously Butts and the rest of the PMO are out to lunch and out of control. They are getting desperate. Suffering from WYNNE MELTDOWN SYNDROME. it will get much worse.

Ed Peebles

Justin The Jerk is REALLY BRAINDEAD !


He’s just bloody stupid.
And you can’t fix stupid.


Has Justin sought to mislead or make false statements? If he has and has done so deliberately, then the opposition could do something very easily about it? But there seems to be laws for some and laws or others?
Foe example, regarding the reports of someone making a joke about whacking someone, is in fact not a a joke is it? It would seem? Neither is it a joke about to make jokes about a criminal assault and battery? So why does the opposition not us the courts to deal with it?

old white guy

People who have earned income from working and making a profit pay taxes. Those who get all their money from government having never created a profit do not pay taxes they just give back some of their money in sales taxes. Government employees do not pay federal taxes they just don’t get all the money their paycheques say they do, the money stays in government coffers.


You can’t fix STUPID! Only STUPID Canadians would Vote for this Imbecile!


Everyone ends up paying the over taxation we see in Canada….even little kids spending their allowance.
Because all these taxes don’t just hit the taxpayer once…its even built into the inflated costs for goods and services. Heck we even have tax on tax.
Perhaps its time we get rid of this over-sized government.