Amid Deepening Scandal, New Poll Shows Liberals Falling Behind Conservatives

More and more Canadians say the Liberal government doesn’t deserve to be re-elected.

If the Liberals were hoping that nobody was paying attention to the Trudeau PMO SNC-Lavalin scandal, they were dead wrong.

A new Ipsos poll conducted for Global News shows that 49% of Canadians are aware of the scandal.

And the poll was conducted before the shocking resignation of Trudeau’s Brain Gerald Butts, which will surely spread awareness of the scandal further.

When it comes to support for the parties, here’s what the numbers say:

Conservatives – 36%

Liberals – 34%

NDP – 17%

While the specific numbers tend to jump around, the trend is what is most important to notice, and the trend is clear.

Compared to the Ipsos poll from December, the Liberals are down 4 points, the Conservatives are up 2 points, and the NDP is down 1 point.

That’s a net 6 point swing in favour of the Conservatives.

And in vote-rich Ontario, the Conservatives have a 6 point lead.

In terms of approval for the government itself, that number has dropped to 42%, down from 51%.

As well, Global News says “Trudeau’s own personal approval rating is now two points lower than it was after his disastrous trip to India this time last year. “Those who strongly disapprove of his performance now outnumber those who strongly approve by a margin of four to one,” Bricker [Head of Ipsos] said.”

Scheer and Singh are still both less popular than Trudeau, though they are also less unpopular, since more Canadians don’t yet have an opinion of them.

But for Trudeau – now approaching an election – it’s becoming clear that his support is narrowing, and he has become a divisive, polarizing figure, a far cry from his fake ‘Sunny Ways’ persona.

Finally, 62% of Canadians say the Trudeau Liberals don’t deserve to be re-elected, compared to just 38% who say they do.

Clearly, this scandal is continuing to heat up, and the longer it goes the more damage it’s doing to the Liberal brand and Trudeau’s election fortunes.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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