In Appalling Rant, Clerk Of The Privy Council Michael Wernick Tries Deflecting From SNC-Lavalin Scandal By Talking About ‘Assassination’

What the hell is wrong with that guy?

Michael Wernick, the powerful Clerk of the Privy Council (AKA most powerful unelected person in Canada), went on an absurd and frankly disturbing rant.

He was supposed to be at the Justice Committee to testify about the growing SNC-Lavalin Trudeau PMO scandal.

Instead, he started out saying this:

Here’s the video of his comments:

None of that has anything to do with his testimony.

Keep in mind, he is supposed to be totally apolitical and non-partisan, so this is absolutely crazy.

And his elitism and arrogance is palpable.

He calls social media a ‘vomitorium,’ showing what he thinks about free speech and the free expression of the Canadian People.

He warns of ‘assassinations,’ and talks about how worried he is for the country – acting as if the effort to get the truth on the scandal is somehow dangerous.

And yet, even amid his rant, he basically confirmed that pressure was put on Jody Wilson-Raybould, as noted by Lisa Raitt:

“Conservative deputy leader Lisa Raitt says Michael Wernick’s committee testimony “is stunning. I think the amount of pressure that the PMO, either through his own operatives or through the clerk of the privy council, is incredibly unprecedented.”‘

This is where it’s essential that we pay close attention here.

Remember, the Liberals called this story ‘false’ at the beginning.

But they’ve now admitted to most of it.

And Wernick – while trying to distract from the revelation with his crazy rant – also confirmed that Jody Wilson-Raybould was pressed about the issue – even after she had made a clear and definitive decision.

Clearly, Wernick is acting like a partisan shill for the Liberal Party, and shows once again that the elites protect themselves and Canadians can’t trust the system.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Elaine Teichgraber

And so the wagons circle to protect justin and make him the victim. Disgraceful, disgusting and despicable.


Wernick proves himself a pompous ass! Dud he provide any meaningful testimony?

Don Taylor

I did not trust this guy as soon as he was 2 minutes into his rant,he is more than meets the eye,if he is the privy clerk of canada his rant is out of place

Beverley Campbell

This kind of hysterical unprofessionalism has no place in our Parliament, this man is either stroking the
cheeks of dementia or he is a tad worried about his own actions, in any case, the REAL TRUTH will out, make no mistake. Someone as educated and capable and open and honest as Jody Wilson-Raybould is not going to stand still while others besmirch her reputation.

james edwaed

After listening to that opening by Michael W I worry about our country too ! How did we let such people into Parliament Hill. The PMO is obviously letting them claim their recreational marijuana

Ray Decorby

With respect to Wenick’s fear mongering about assasinations, and other indicators coming from this gov’t; I would say we’re being primed for a coming crackdown on social media…


Spencer, you are absolutely correct. Michael Wernick is another elite partisan shill for the Liberals. He should be ashamed of himself in defending the Liberals. I thought he was non-partisan!

Brian Dougan

“Vomitorium” Exactly; albeit in a different context. These vermin trigger a violent gag reflex. So–this Trudeau puppet is the “most powerful unelected person in the country”? I guess that’s true–now that the messy looking Butts has gone back under his rock.

Moe S.

Just another morally superior top bureaucrat who felt compelled to give a biased political and fear mongering commentary. Me thinks, the man doth protest too much. What is he hiding?

don morris

The CBC is treating Wernick’s testimony as if it came from Christ himself,and are using it to claim that there was no ethics or legal violations by the PM or the PMO. The two women on CBC, (Suhana Marchand ??? ) this morning were almost giggling with glee after featuring Wernick’s remarks and the follow up by Trudeau,on the lines that “this august civil servant MUST be believed”. THIS is the whitewash folks,we knew it was coming, we just didn’t know the painter who would apply it. Wernick is imo strongly partisan Liberal.and is doing this for his masters, undoubtedly… Read more »

Rodney Brucks

So this is the leader of the Canadian swamp. Vile little liberal troll.

shawn harris

It now appears after so many storyline changes from Trudeau, the PMO and Butts, that Trudeau and his not so clever or brilliant team players, are only now willing to start and rat out Trudeau. But, only to the point of saying anything and admitting to nothing, and stopping short of saying Trudeau deliberately sought out to obstruct justice. As more and more of the real truth comes to light, not by freely admitting guilt, or by Trudeau and his Liberals, but by way of Trudeau revealing a little more with each and every storyline change. And after seeing, that… Read more »


Deflection, distortion, omission and so it goes. The left closes ranks a spins tall tales that the bribed MSM dutifully regurgitates for public consumption. Thank God for sites like Spencer Fernando’s, without them we would not know the truth.