POLL: Conservatives Lead Liberals By 7 Points As PMO Scandal Slams Government

Angus Reid poll gives Conservatives the lead in all regions except Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

A new survey by Angus Reid shows the PMO scandal taking a clear toll on Liberal poll numbers.

The survey shows the Conservatives with 38% nationwide, compared to the Liberals at 31%, the NDP at 14%, the Bloc at 5%, the Greens at 8%, and ‘other’ at 5%.

The Conservatives also lead in most regions of the country. Here are the regional breakdowns:

BC – Conservatives 33%, Liberals 28%, NDP 21%, Green Party 13%.

Alberta – Conservatives 60%, Liberals 19%, NDP 9%, Green Party 5%.

Saskatchewan/Manitoba – Conservatives 50%, Liberals 28%, NDP 10%, Green Party 3%.

Ontario – Conservatives 40%, Liberals 37%, NDP 14%, Green Party 7%.

Quebec – Conservatives 24%, Liberals 24%, NDP 14%, Bloc 22%, Green Party 10%.

Atlantic – Liberals 40%, Conservatives 34%, NDP 8%, Greens 10%.

The numbers are good for the Conservatives, though the Quebec results seem to be a bit of an outlier compared to most other polls which show the Liberals leading there.

There’s no doubt that the PMO SNC-Lavalin scandal is having a real impact on Liberal fortunes, and the main beneficiaries of that is the Conservative Party so far.

Spencer Fernando

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How the Liberal party can garner Any votes currently is beyond sanity ….of course there is always bribery

shawn harris

The clear message for all political parties, especially for Trudeau and the Liberals is, that the voters will forgive and forget most blunders, mistakes and even a scandal or two. But, when you deliberately set out to not only undermine our judiciary, our courts, prosecutors,even our democracy, in such a deliberate, calculated way, so as to save jobs and votes in a sanctimonious self righteous way, the public will be enraged and demand that you resign or be defeated. These polling numbers reflect Trudeau’s blind arrogance, stupidity, elite out of touch with legal responsibilities and most most likely all three… Read more »