POLL: Conservatives Lead Liberals By 7 Points As PMO Scandal Slams Government

Angus Reid poll gives Conservatives the lead in all regions except Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

A new survey by Angus Reid shows the PMO scandal taking a clear toll on Liberal poll numbers.

The survey shows the Conservatives with 38% nationwide, compared to the Liberals at 31%, the NDP at 14%, the Bloc at 5%, the Greens at 8%, and ‘other’ at 5%.

The Conservatives also lead in most regions of the country. Here are the regional breakdowns:

BC – Conservatives 33%, Liberals 28%, NDP 21%, Green Party 13%.

Alberta – Conservatives 60%, Liberals 19%, NDP 9%, Green Party 5%.

Saskatchewan/Manitoba – Conservatives 50%, Liberals 28%, NDP 10%, Green Party 3%.

Ontario – Conservatives 40%, Liberals 37%, NDP 14%, Green Party 7%.

Quebec – Conservatives 24%, Liberals 24%, NDP 14%, Bloc 22%, Green Party 10%.

Atlantic – Liberals 40%, Conservatives 34%, NDP 8%, Greens 10%.

The numbers are good for the Conservatives, though the Quebec results seem to be a bit of an outlier compared to most other polls which show the Liberals leading there.

There’s no doubt that the PMO SNC-Lavalin scandal is having a real impact on Liberal fortunes, and the main beneficiaries of that is the Conservative Party so far.

Spencer Fernando

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