SUNNY RAGE: Canadians Are Reacting To This Photo Of An Unhinged Trudeau Supporter Apparently Grabbing Protester

The rage of a cabal that feels power slipping away.

During Justin Trudeau’s odd and stunningly tone-deaf speech following the resignation of Jane Philpott, there were multiple interruptions due to protests.

And while the Liberals at the event tried to pretend there wasn’t a massive scandal shredding the government, the whole thing was given away by the rage of a Trudeau supporter reacting to a protester.

It’s a photo spreading widely online.

Here it is:

Unhinged Trudeau Supporter

“Last night at Trudeau’s rally, some women discovered the true face of the Liberal Party. Note: the crazy Liberal supporter in th pic was allowed to stay.”

And Canadians are reacting:

“Do we have a name for that lovely LPC supporter who looks ready to choke this lady to death”

“Look at the woman’s face at this loon……”

“Is he actually ringing her neck? Any video of this?”

“SUNNY WAYS!!!!!!”

“There are crazies in all parties. But when he went violent he should have got tossed. Allowing him to stay because he was a Trudeau supporter is the problem.”

The more they feel power slipping away, the more the Trudeau Liberals are becoming unhinged. No wonder more and more people who once supported Trudeau can no longer do so in good conscience.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screengrab


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The ship is sinking…


Looks like assault to me. Any charges being laid?

Messianic Jew

Trudeau needs to teach this nut job how to grope properly. And,this is a clear case of assault. Are you kidding me? This election season is not going to end well.


The Liberals are gone insane.
Thank-You Spencer for all your HONEST WORK. I am passing your name to people who want honest and fair reporting.
Keep up the GOOD WORK


He’s rehearsing for his appearance in an episode of the Walking Dead… Those are his real teeth too!

Gonzo the Magnificent

Some one ought to have this lunatic arrested. I hope the woman pressed charges against him.

Connie Cattle

They have always been unhinged or they would not be Liberals, they are just blatant about it now and violent.


Good for Canada to get rid of their Obama 2.0 Trudeau.


You could not pay me enough money to attend a radical hate and division rally “against Canada”. Puppet Trudeau and the puppeteers need to be put away for the safety of Canadians. My son said ” Diversity is not a strength-the world is full of diversity and separated into warring countries, unity and MUTUAL respect is our strength, and a government that equips itself with division politics as a tool, has no right to speak of diversity as a strength, when they portray the diverse – as victims, making it the exact opposite of our strength, it only serves to… Read more »

Van Wyck

I agree with your comment completely. We are all equal, not some more-equal-than others.


My my my trudope is no friend to Canada.It’s truly amazing how many people are now understanding what trudope is.Corrupt money,illegals voting and the constant lies have come full circle.To set the record straight our justice system must do the right thing.Investigate and lay charges if corruption is found.


Keep away from the Liberals.

shawn harris

Trudeau is starting to fulfill his prophecy, that this election would be the meanest,dirtiest, nasty ious election ever seen by Canadians. And he is the one who has started it and now sees it as a means to deflect attention away from his disastrous record while in office. As Trudeau’s support falls, he will become even more nasty and even call a snap election.

Valerie Clark

He’s got his staff looking for ANY issue by which he can rise in the polls, then the election will be called. I hope Canadians are smarter than to re-elect this idiot.


If this was a conservative who was doing this the paid far left liberal media would be running this front & center calling conservatives violent terrorists, racists, bigots & every other word they could come up with but since it is a lib all his hidden & not reported by the far left paid media.


Bribed media, to be precise.


Sure looks like assault with intent to injure, unless, of course, you have paid your bribe in advance.


That’s assault and the old fart needs to be charged.

Valerie Clark

An apology isn’t good enough.

Carol Bolt

Wow they are showing their true colours now and it ain’t pretty.

Sewer Rat

It’s been there from the start. People just refused to see it.

peter black

How can any woman sleep at night after the truth about Trudeau has come out. McKenna still grovels at his feet. What a pathetic scene


Stupid is as stupid does…
Something tells me we got Dark clouds on the horizon. The faces of the Women looking at this Lunatic tell a story. Liberal Party spells ‘run away’
Who will quit or cross over next?
PPC if Canada is to survive

Van Wyck

Obviously one of those old, naive hippies that voted for a name. A name from his youth that brings back sweet memories of simpler times. He figured he’d just assault somebody who was interfering with his grand illusion.
I think we’ll be seeing more desperation from Liberal fan boy/girls as time goes on.


What were the protestors claiming to want? More climate “action”? Different climate “action”? Looks to me like socialists attacking socialists, so I say have at it. When your enemies are killing themselves, don’t get in their way.

Let this protestor lady, who likely also voted for Trudeau, experience the difference between rule of Quebec and rule of law; like the west ALWAYS HAS.


but we are constantly told that the progressive party is always compassionate and non violent

Valerie Clark

Mimicking Americans is never a good idea. He’s just lucky he didn’t grab me; I’d become rich from the lawsuit that would ensue.


Disgusting. Who is this lunatic? Can’t the public charge this lunatic?

Josiah Rise

The latent image of a Liberal.


She was not a protester, she was speaking up for her community!!

Ana Gomes

Is that Furious Liberal one of the ISIS returned ” Foreign Soldiers”? They grab so much of Trudy’s imagination about what AN IDEAL CITIZEN WOULD BE LIKE…They are the models for our future Basic Dictatorship.
Are you waking up, Canada, or are you still in a fog of Pot and bear ?