SUNNY RAGE: Canadians Are Reacting To This Photo Of An Unhinged Trudeau Supporter Apparently Grabbing Protester

The rage of a cabal that feels power slipping away.

During Justin Trudeau’s odd and stunningly tone-deaf speech following the resignation of Jane Philpott, there were multiple interruptions due to protests.

And while the Liberals at the event tried to pretend there wasn’t a massive scandal shredding the government, the whole thing was given away by the rage of a Trudeau supporter reacting to a protester.

It’s a photo spreading widely online.

Here it is:

Unhinged Trudeau Supporter

“Last night at Trudeau’s rally, some women discovered the true face of the Liberal Party. Note: the crazy Liberal supporter in th pic was allowed to stay.”

And Canadians are reacting:

“Do we have a name for that lovely LPC supporter who looks ready to choke this lady to death”

“Look at the woman’s face at this loon……”

“Is he actually ringing her neck? Any video of this?”

“SUNNY WAYS!!!!!!”

“There are crazies in all parties. But when he went violent he should have got tossed. Allowing him to stay because he was a Trudeau supporter is the problem.”

The more they feel power slipping away, the more the Trudeau Liberals are becoming unhinged. No wonder more and more people who once supported Trudeau can no longer do so in good conscience.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screengrab


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