HYPOCRISY: Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen Says ‘Hatred Has Consequences,’ While Ignoring Fact That He Demonizes His Political Opponents

Total hypocrisy from the Immigration Minister.

Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen recently said this in response to some horrible anti-Muslim comments online:

“Hatred has consequences…even though those folks are not the ones who pulled the trigger, they feed into a narrative that leads to that kind of violence. It’s the logical extension of that kind of hatred.” Hussen went on to say that it’s essential to “call out” this hatred anytime it takes place. “Fearmongering and pitting one group of people against another is simply wrong,” he said.”

There’s no big issue with Hussen’s comments.

After all, hate should be called out, and while all ideas – including Islam – must be up for open debate in a free society, calling for violence and spreading hate is never acceptable.

However, Ahmed Hussen is a big time hypocrite on this.

He has regularly demonized his political opponents, feeding into the very same angry and divisive political environment he claims to be denouncing.

We all remember when he called Ontario government minister Lisa MacLeod “not-Canadian” after she criticized the Trudeau government’s handling of the crisis at the border.

That is the ultimate in “othering” and “demonizing” somebody, saying they aren’t even a member of the country you belong to.

Hussen and the Liberals have also regularly demonized Canadians who want our border laws followed, calling us ‘hateful’ and ‘bigoted’ for opposing illegal immigration.

So, for Ahmed Hussen to be criticizing a hateful political environment, while refusing to acknowledge his own role in contributing to that environment, is the height of hypocrisy, and takes away any credibility he may have had.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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