“Liberals Will Investigate Liberals”: Scheer Rips Trudeau For Appointing Liberal Partisan Anne McLellan As Scandal ‘Adviser’

Endless corruption from the Trudeau Liberals.

In Question Period, Justin Trudeau announced that he’s appointing Anne McLellan – a partisan Liberal who is holding a Liberal fundraiser in two weeks, was Deputy PM during the sponsorship scandal, and is on the Trudeau Foundation – as his ‘special adviser’ on the role of the Attorney General and Justice Minister amid the PMO SNC-Lavalin Scandal.

It’s an appalling appointment, and it has been ripped by the Opposition.

As Andrew Scheer said, “Liberals will investigate Liberals.”

You can watch Scheer’s response to Trudeau in Question Period in the video below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Justin is a laughing stock, as he deserves to be.

Dave Bainard

Jr looks like he had a couple of extra tokes before QP

peter black

It’s obvious These Lieberals are afraid of something like their jobs


Anne McLellan, a the former Minister of Justice, under Jean Chretien, Chretien the man who physically grabbed Bill Clennett? And Justin and Jean can be seen on the internet reportedly making a joke about the physical attack? But some call it a Shawinigan Handshake.?

shawn harris

Trudeau is just mocking Canadians by his outrageous decisions to have Liberals investigate Liberals, can only result in Trudeau’s defeat come the October election. He thinks he is being clever and that we are stupid, ignorant people who can be bought with our money. He is the only one who doesn’t see anything wrong, immoral or illegal with what he is doing with the Lavscam scandal. Justin is just like his dear old dad, arrogant, lying hypocrite, who saw himself as being better and more intelligent than everyone else. The public is angry and has had enough, Trudeau has to… Read more »


read on cause this is a bit more complicated than FOR 10 YEARS THE CONSERVATIVES …bla de bla de bla


watch the sheep …. yesss yesss yesss

D Met

Chagger is just another Trudeau lap dog. Questions are being directed at the PM yet he just sits there letting her speak for him. Same nonsensical talking points. It’s clear Trudeau has something big to hide otherwise he would not still be standing in the way of letting JWR speak at the Justice committee. Next government please!