Theresa May Addresses UK, Says Brexit Will Be Delayed

But the European Union says they’ll only grant a delay if she gets her plan through Parliament, something that seems highly unlikely.

In a short statement to the nation, UK PM Theresa May slammed Parliament, and said Brexit would be delayed until June 30th.

However, any Brexit delay is dependent on the European Union agreeing to a delay, which has been thrown into doubt.

European Council President Donald Tusk says that a delay will only be given if Theresa May can get her plan approved in Parliament, something she has failed to do repeatedly.

Additionally, France has given indications that they will veto an extension unless the UK has a clear path to getting a deal passed.

In her remarks, May ignored all of that, instead trying to seem like she’s taking the side of the UK public, despite her massively low approval ratings.

Here’s what she said:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube