Canadian Retail Sales Fall Again

It’s the third straight month retail sales have fallen.

Retail sales in Canada have fallen for the third straight month, yet more evidence of the worsening economic situation in our nation.

In the last month for which data is available, retail sales fell again, a contrast to the prediction of analysts who foresaw a 0.4% rise.

Among the biggest drops were vehicle sales (down 1.5%), and general merchandise sales (down 2.4%).

This is the first time in almost seven years that retail sales have fallen 3 months in a row, which is yet another example of how our economy is weakening and failing under the Trudeau government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Automotive sales have historically been the barometer of the economy. Lets hope the reason for this drop, this time, is because cars are now built better and last longer, and not the beginning of a recession before we can kick Trudeau out. The conservatives do not need the double doo-doo.


Families are trying to make ends meet as costs keep increasing with no break for the weary over taxed taxpayer. Politicians keep filling their pockets at our expense, so people have to watch their spending. Trudeau and his ilks are responsible for the state Canada is in and that is not a compliment. He flies all over the world for any little reason when there is communication through TV.


Depression this time due to Zimbabwe type inflation has caught up with allowing banks free reign instead of slapping them with fraud charges.


Trudeau, and other party leaders, are either seriously misinformed about what underwrites the market, or they know, and obfuscate to electioneer. The bond yields, short and long term, dictate the strength of the dollar, interest rates and stock values. No party can affect this curve, because central banks control interest rates, money supply and that in turn determines foreign investment. When JT says the Liberals are working hard to create jobs, or a good climate for jobs, he’s telling the sheep what they want to hear. He has little direct, or immediate impact on jobs. Thats why he is borrowing… Read more »

shawn harris

Trudeau would say that the retail sales falling for the last three months, is the fault of the world economy and the fault of Stephen Harper. While failing to see that his economic policies have had a direct negative impact on sales and citizens ability to buy anything. These falling sales , are the canary in the economic mine of Canada, a first warning sign of more and longer lasting economic trouble to come. These economic warning signs are the same ones Ontarians felt when McGuinty and Wynne ran Ontario’s economy into third world status. Socialism , no matter who… Read more »


I have no extra money to spend……..buying food and basics is all I can manage.

l dawson

Oh yes when the carbon tax kicks in it’ll kick the sh*t out of retail sales…people will stop buying just to avoid paying that extra hundreds and thousands of dollars in tax.