VIDEO: Liberal MP Who Voted To Block Ethics Committee Investigation Says “The Longer This Goes On, The More This Hurts The Liberal Brand”


Liberal MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, who at times had shown some political courage, unfortunately seems to be back in ‘PMO order following mode.’

He joined the other Liberals at the Ethics Committee in voting to block an investigation of the PMO SNC-Lavalin Scandal.

And while he claimed that he wasn’t taking orders from the PMO, he and the other Liberals did exactly what the PMO would have wanted.

Even more, he gave the game away by talking about damage to the Liberal brand, rather than the importance of justice and the truth.

You can watch his remarks below:

“LPC MP Erskine-Smith says there was “zero” instruction from the PMO as to how to vote today at the Ethics committee, adding “the longer this goes on, the more this hurts the Liberal brand””

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Hendrik kiliaan

The longer this goes on the more it damages the liberal brand. By blocking the investigation, he assures it will go on, angering the usual liberal friendly press, making them more determined to keep digging and bulldog the issue. Trudeau needs to borrow a page from Trump, allow all to speak freely in an investigation, if you did nothing wrong you will be vindicated. This will greatly improve Trumps re election chances in 2020. Trudeau keeps stone walling tainting himself and reduce his election chances. He sounds guiltier and guiltier as the weeks pass.

Don Taylor

Trudeau is the real description of SNAKE

shawn harris

Well, Liberal Nathaniel Erskine Smith, has just said a mouthful of truth, about what he believes is important and that the Liberal party and it’s survival , especially the legal survival of Justin Trudeau is paramount to the truth, our democracy and the rule of law. Transparency, accountability, the pursuit of justice, honesty,integrity,and setting aside your interests is just nothing worthy to be considered by any self respecting Liberal; it’s all about and always will be about power , uninterrupted, at all costs, that is the message Trudeau wants so desperately to have the public accept. Isn’t it rather revealing,… Read more »


Lavalin regarding ethics and more is a name that has come up time after time. Has the leadership of Canada under the Tories nor the Grits sought to have the whole truth come out in the past in other scandals? There is much more under the rug is there not? Has Andrew Scheer invited any volunteers, witnesses, victims to come forward including any who may have been Tories? Neither Scheer nor Trudeau get my vote..for openness..


The liberal brand is not hurt, it was a scam and it is on life support