BREAKING NEWS: Jody Wilson-Raybould Made Recording Of SNC-Lavalin Pressure Conversation

UPDATE: You can listen to the recording HERE.


Recording could back up Wilson-Raybould’s account of what happened, and be absolutely devastating to Trudeau’s cronies.

All along in the Trudeau PMO SNC-Lavalin Scandal, Jody Wilson-Raybould has repeatedly made clear that she has evidence to back up her assertions.

Meanwhile, those who pushed the Trudeau line like Michael Wernick and Gerald Butts had limited documentation and seemed to be providing opinions instead of facts. Notably, Wernick made mocking reference to not ‘wearing a wire.’

Well, it seems Jody Wilson-Raybould may have been.

There are reports that Jody Wilson-Raybould recorded a conversation in which she was facing undue pressure to intervene.

The news was first reported by CBC:

“Materials submitted to the Commons Justice Committee this week indicate Jody Wilson-Raybould recorded at least one of the contentious conversations at the heart of the SNC-Lavalin affair, multiple sources tell CBC News.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said Wilson-Raybould’s exit from cabinet was a result of a “breakdown of trust” between Wilson-Raybould and the Prime Minister’s Office. The existence of a recording suggests that trust may have broken down well before she left cabinet on Feb. 12.

The audio recording, or a transcript of it, is expected to be part of a new submission to the committee from Wilson-Raybould to be released later today. That submission also includes a written statement, emails and text messages.”

If the recording makes it clear that Wilson-Raybould was being pressured, then it will be absolutely devastating to Trudeau and his cronies.

It would definitively reveal everything Trudeau and the PMO has been saying to be a total lie, and it will make it impossible for anybody except the most sick in the head hangers-on to defend Trudeau. More MPs would face pressure to quit, more Ministers would face calls to resign in principle, and more and more Canadians would call on Trudeau to leave office in disgrace.

Canadians now have a clear right to hear the tape, and the justice committee must make it open and transparent to the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Diane DiFlorio

Come on Jody — tell it like it is so Canadians can collectively put the BOOT to Trudeau and his band of lying Liberal cronies !


YESSSSSSSSSSSSS If it smells stinky fish, it IS stinky fish

Don Taylor

I certainly hope that the guilty ones that sit in power are caught in their web of lies to the Canadian people and get the punishment that they deserve,thank god for people with strong morals and ethics that are willing to expose the people that lack these traits

emma todd

The better not redact or hide this from Canadians – October is far too long from now – we need new leadership and a return to Canada – business like usual as soon as possible. Conservatives please keep up your excellent work and get Canadians the answers.

Eric Blair

Interesting that the CBC broke this. Maybe the CBC news dept. sees this as a way of redemption so that Scheer will decide not to can the who news dept. at the CBC should he, no, when he gets in this fall.


Great News! When you’re Dealing with Corruption and Liars, you have to have Proof. He said, She said is just doesn’t cut it when Liars like the PM and PMO are involved. They have been Lying to Canadians for 3 1/2 years!


“Canadians now have a clear right to hear the tape, and the justice committee must make it open and transparent to the Canadian People” THAT will never happen.

Robert Rice

I would be very surprised if we get to learn what has actually been said. I am sure trudeau will do everything he can to prevent it from becoming public.

HD Everything

Good for her! I hope his corrupt career in politics is finally over, and never to return. He and his band of Libtards have ruined this once honorable and proud country.


I’m hoping her recorded conversations and emails takes the liberal party down once and for all. Will also most likely prove that Trudeau, Butts and Wernick were lying to the justice committee.

Barney Quinn

First, many Canadians will be unaware of this revelation. Too lazy to dig for information. For central and eastern Canadians, it’s all a matter of power and control. And running Canada as a colonial power. The center of power being the Ontario-Quebec axis, and the colonies being the western provinces. Perverse. As far as getting rid of this 85 IQ village idiot, well, Canada has no mechanisms to turf a tyrant. Wait it out until the next election and hope the hell ignorant voters’ memories can last long enough to rid the country of its first feminist prime minister.

Christopher Kastner

How can the charade not be over? Hilary walks free,Smollett all charges dropped. Police have no power.
How can any person charged with a crime expect justice?


Regarding the recording, I wouldn’t be surprised if she had taken the cue from Lindsay Shepherd.

Dennis Martens

I heard the tape it’s very clear on the phone conversation, trudeus band of criminals we’re interfering with Jody’s decision, trudeau is lying again that no interference was used it ,it is plain and clear also heard the RCMP are now investigating