Under Trudeau Government, Canadians Say It’s Getting Tougher To Afford Food

With taxes going up and up and up, the cost of living is spiraling out of control.

A new survey by Angus Reid shows more Canadians saying it’s getting tougher to afford food.

According to the poll, 47% of Canadians say it’s getting harder for their family to afford food.

47% say it’s stayed about the same.

And just 4% say it’s easier to afford food.

It’s a decisive rebuke to the Trudeau government, who had campaigned on making life more affordable for the middle class, yet have done the exact opposite.

Additionally, 35% of Canadians now say it’s getting ‘difficult’ to afford food for their household.

That’s an astounding number. We live in a country of tremendous potential wealth, yet over a third of Canadians are having difficulty affording some of the most basic necessities.

As a result, Canadians say they have been cutting back on meat, and choosing less healthy options. 7% relied on food banks.

And people are already talking about how food prices are going up following the carbon tax. Not only are grocery chains hiking prices as a result of the tax, but the cost of transporting food is surging is well. Yet, instead of helping Canadians, the Trudeau government is giving our tax dollars to big corporations, which will do nothing to make life more affordable.

Unless the carbon tax is scrapped, more and more Canadians will find themselves unable to afford even the basic necessities.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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