Dean Del Mastro Is Right. Elections Canada Is Dangerously Biased And Must Be Investigated

Of course, that will never happen under the corrupt Trudeau government.

As we’ve already seen, Elections Canada seems to have very different standards depending on whether someone is in the elite or not.

When SNC-Lavalin orchestrated a scheme to make illegal donations, nobody faced serious charges, and nobody went to jail.

When Dean Del Mastro was accused of overspending on his campaign (using his own money) he was charged and went to jail.

The double-standard was clear: Liberal-connected elites can get away with anything, while everyone else has the full power of the state thrown at them.

And now, with the hypocrisy and double standard undeniable, Dean Del Mastro is fighting back.

He held a press conference in Ottawa, calling for a Parliamentary Investigation into bias at Elections Canada.

That investigation will never happen under the Trudeau Liberals, but if the Liberals are defeated, the Conservatives must investigate and clean house.

The biased servants of the elite must be removed, and replaced with people who will actually ensure that the rules are applied equally and fairly to all Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Norbert Kausen

There is now MUCH that must be investigated!!! we are now well on our way to becoming a totalitarian police state. a communist dictatorship! WHAT will Canadians do about it??? Trudeaup is turning Canada into Venezuela North!!

shawn harris

Elections Canada ?. But for whom? Certainly not for Canadians, especially when Elections Canada has a very flexible set of standards and rules. If there are to be exceptions to the rules, then the rules are needless and pointless, as demonstrated with SNC Lavalin. Everyone has to clearly remember that Trudeau is in the process of fixing this coming election so he can remain as PM. Trudeau will do anything to distract attention away from his disastrous time in office. Trudeau has said, Canada is a nation of laws, yet he can’t even respect or abide by those same laws,… Read more »