Trudeau Government Still Looking At Bringing ISIS Terrorists Back To Canada

Instead, they should be looking at how to eliminate them overseas.

The Trudeau government keeps looking for ways to bring ISIS terrorists back to Canada, continuing a marked divergence from what many of our allies are doing.

While countries like France, the UK, and the US are taking out terrorists overseas with airstrikes, special operations and are stripping others of citizenship, the Trudeau government is doing none of that.

In fact, the Trudeau Liberals have previously repealed Conservative legislation that gave the government the ability to strip citizenship from terrorists.

And now, the Trudeau government is looking into ways to bring the terrorists back within our borders:

Here’s an excerpt of a Global News report:

“The federal government has explored “a number of possible options” for bringing captured Islamic State group members back to Canada, according to a “secret” document obtained by Global News. None of the options are ideal and all present different challenges and risks,” said the three-page briefing prepared last year and recently released under the Access to Information Act. It reveals that, after a handful of Canadians were captured in Syria and Turkey, officials in the Privy Council Office, the bureaucratic department that supports the work of the prime minister, held a meeting on April 18, 2018.”

Stunningly, the government is also spending our tax dollars and time researching alleged ‘mistreatment and torture’ carried out by the Kurds against ISIS terrorists.

“It also reveals that Global Affairs has assessed claims of mistreatment and torture, apparently by Kurdish forces, who led the fight against ISIS in northeast Syria and captured hundreds of foreign fighters.

“There have been allegations of torture and mistreatment,” it said. “Global Affairs Canada’s Ad Hoc Working Group on Torture and Mistreatment met to consider the allegations.

“The allegations of mistreatment were deemed to be serious and credible, and while the allegations of torture were considered serious, the working group was not able to evaluate credibility given lack of information.”

First of all, that’s not Canada’s problem.

Second of all, the Kurds are fighting for their lives and freedom against the brutality of ISIS.

And third, who cares if ISIS terrorists are tortured? ISIS has drowned people in cages, beheaded people, crucified people, burned people alive, conducted mass rapes, perpetrated horrific terror attacks, trafficked slaves, and more. Someone who joins such an evil organization deserves no respect and no dignity.

Instead of seeking ways to bring ISIS terrorists to Canada, the Canadian Federal Government should be fulfilling it’s most important job of protecting the Canadian People. And that means protecting our territory from terrorists, keeping terrorists out of our country, stripping terrorists of citizenship, and eliminating them when necessary.

Spencer Fernando