Government Says Canada Needs U.S. Permission On Fighter Jet Choice

But sure, we’re a Sovereign nation…

The government says Canada will need U.S. permission to make a final fighter jet selection.

According to Patrick Finn of the Defence Department, our Norad obligations require Canada to purchase a jet that meets U.S. ‘security standards’ for integration into the Norad defence network.

This means that the U.S. will have to sign off on whatever fighter jet Canada finally picks to replace the rapidly deteriorating CF-18’s.

It’s an embarrassing situation for a supposedly sovereign nation to be in, and shows yet again how Canada is in a weak and subservient position on the world stage.

If Canada had our own highly developed military manufacturing industry – as we should – then this wouldn’t be a big issue. We wouldn’t need to ‘purchase’ jets from foreign countries, we could purchase them from ourselves.

But instead, not only can we not make our own fighter jets, but we can’t even seem to purchase any quality jets either, as the process has dragged on and on and on.

So far, Canada has been lucky. Our nation hasn’t been faced with an imminent mortal threat to our existence or security in some time. But given how much of an afterthought the defence of our nation has become, it seems that – if such a threat arises – our nation will be woefully unprepared.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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We could not afford the cost of developing and building our own fighters. That was proven with the Arrow – a nice aircraft, but a very expensive one with a single and non-adaptable role that was fast becoming obsolete. We were not able to attract any foreign buyers to defray its cost. Why would we expect that to be any different today? How many other western countries have an ability to design and build their own, unique fighters, or other complex aircraft, anymore? France and Sweden, and the latter’s Gripen would be the worst of the lot to pick. Over… Read more »


But, but, are we not short of military pilots and worse still trained air force mechanics to make sure these new untrained military pilots are safe? Did not the Harper government put a rather large amount of money as deposit on those stealth ?F35’s and set up a way to pay for them, and newly elected Trudeau cancelled this and lost the deposit????? I don’t remember the exact details but another lose for Canada. I wish this money wasting LIEberal government would leave this until PM Scheer gets in, and we have a Canadian government, but that would be a… Read more »

Tim Chapman

Partly valid…..however, as all of our weapons intergrate with our allies they have to be compatible. We can’t walk in with an iMac if all of our allies are using PCs. More importantly though we must use products that can’t be hacked ( read Huawei ) when they are connected to our allies networks. Now sadly our current government seems to understand this at the military level however not at the corporate (espionage) level……even though our allies DO get it on all levels. And let’s face it….the US pays our 25 billion NATO entrance fee – they should get the… Read more »


“If Canada had our own highly developed military manufacturing industry – as we should – then this wouldn’t be a big issue. We wouldn’t need to ‘purchase’ jets from foreign countries, we could purchase them from ourselves.”

Great idea. Let’s give Bombardier a few more billion to get this project of the ground.

Designing and building the prototypes is incredibly expensive and if they didn’t
perform as expected Canada would be sunk. We certainly wouldn’t have the
resources to start over. The way it is now at least we get to test drive before we buy.

Norbert Kausen

We might just as well become American. Then we wouldn’t have megalomaniacs like Trudeau trying to play out his delusions of grandeur! He is a treasonous disgrace to Canada… and yes, he IS a treasonous

David Henley

as long as the liberals make a choice for Canadians we are all screwed. Liberals would have us flying around in bi-wing planes from the first world war.


We used to have such a jet – the Avro Arrow – but Prime Minister Diefenbaker, a Conservative, let himself get muscled into abandoning it in favour of American missiles. But who might we need to use our military against? Certainly not defending our borders. It seems our military is just an “off brand” of the American military. Having Canada, Australia and the Europeans on board in their military adventures makes it seem like the crowd of bullies is bigger than it actually is. Canada needs to join the Turkish “conga-line” and declare independence from the U.S. NATO is a… Read more »


I pray the Philippines doesn’t attack us but if they do I hope they garbage-bomb Vancouver, the likely port of departure for the garbage barges we sent them. We’ll scramble a couple of old F18s one of which will probably have to ditch in the Strait of Georgia due to engine failure. But hey, that’s where the capital city spews their sewage anyway.