Government Says Canada Needs U.S. Permission On Fighter Jet Choice

But sure, we’re a Sovereign nation…

The government says Canada will need U.S. permission to make a final fighter jet selection.

According to Patrick Finn of the Defence Department, our Norad obligations require Canada to purchase a jet that meets U.S. ‘security standards’ for integration into the Norad defence network.

This means that the U.S. will have to sign off on whatever fighter jet Canada finally picks to replace the rapidly deteriorating CF-18’s.

It’s an embarrassing situation for a supposedly sovereign nation to be in, and shows yet again how Canada is in a weak and subservient position on the world stage.

If Canada had our own highly developed military manufacturing industry – as we should – then this wouldn’t be a big issue. We wouldn’t need to ‘purchase’ jets from foreign countries, we could purchase them from ourselves.

But instead, not only can we not make our own fighter jets, but we can’t even seem to purchase any quality jets either, as the process has dragged on and on and on.

So far, Canada has been lucky. Our nation hasn’t been faced with an imminent mortal threat to our existence or security in some time. But given how much of an afterthought the defence of our nation has become, it seems that – if such a threat arises – our nation will be woefully unprepared.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube