World Bank May Ban Bombardier Following Allegations Of Corruption

More trouble for the beleaguered company that has often been bailed out with taxpayers dollars.

Bombardier – already facing immense struggles – could be banned from World Bank projects.

That’s because of corruption allegations the company is facing in Azerbaijan.

The allegations relate to a $340 million contract the company received in 2013 for a 500 KM rail corridor.

As noted by BNN Bloomberg, “In one of the country’s biggest corruption cases to date, Sweden appealed in 2017 the acquittal of a Russian employee in Bombardier’s Swedish branch for aggravated bribery involving an Azerbaijan Railway Authority employee. The train maker says in its latest annual information form that an appeal trial is expected next year.”

It is alleged that the company used ‘delaying practices or obstructive behavior’ in regards to an audit.

In response, the World Bank has sent a ‘show-cause’ letter, which means Bombardier must explain and demonstrate why action should not be taken against the company.

That ‘action’ could include a ban on World Bank-financed projects, which would be a significant blow to the already-struggling company.

Of course, no matter how badly Bombardier struggles, we can expect that the Trudeau Liberals would just bail them out again with our tax dollars, since in Canada, the elites never seem to pay the price for their crimes and failures.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube