Andrew Scheer Slams Liberal Fear-Mongering, Says Abortion Debate Won’t Be Reopened

The Liberals don’t want anyone to remember that despite years of fear-mongering about Harper, the Conservatives never reopened the abortion debate – even when there was a Conservative majority in the House of Commons and the Senate.

The Trudeau Liberals are in desperation mode, and with that desperation comes the old ‘hidden agenda’ tactic.

With the debate over abortion heating up in the United States, the Liberals are trying to use some of that media attention to make fake fear-mongering claims about the Conservatives.

Already, the Liberals are claiming the Conservatives will “roll back women’s rights.”

Of course, we’ve heard all of this before. It’s what the Liberals do whenever they’re desperate and losing support.

In response, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer pushed back against the fear-mongering, and made clear the Conservatives wouldn’t be reopening the abortion debate:

“The only person who is bringing up this issue time and time again is Justin Trudeau. I’ve made it very, very clear. Canadians can have absolute confidence that a Conservative government after the election in October will not reopen this issue. This is typical Liberal desperation.”


This is what Stephen Harper had repeatedly said in the face of Liberal fear-mongering, and he kept his word. There was no reopening of the abortion debate under the Conservatives, either when they had a minority government or when they had a majority.

The Liberals want everyone to forget all of that, as they desperately try to pretend that what’s happening in the U.S. is what’s happening here.

It’s not.

The Liberals are lying yet again, and Canadians can see past this latest attempt at Liberal deception.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screenshot

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