CBC’s ‘Tout Le Monde En Parle’ Suspended From Twitter For ‘Glorifying Terrorism’ After Disgraceful Omar Khadr Segment

Another reason our tax dollar shouldn’t be funding such disloyal garbage programming.

The Post Millennial is reporting that ‘Tout le Monde en Parle,’ the taxpayer funded French-language CBC program that hosted Omar Khadr and gave him a sickeningly fawning reception, has been suspended from Twitter.

The suspension is listed as being for ‘glorifying terrorism’:

“According to the official Radio-Canada website a disgruntled user took credit for the account suspension claiming the program was “glorifying terrorism” and that it was a “terror apologist”.

Khadr, who was convicted of being responsible for the death of U.S. Army Sergeant Christopher Speer, entered the program’s studio to general applause before being interviewed by the TV show’s host Guy A. Lepage.”

Image – The Post Millennial

The segment had generate intense anger, airing on Easter Sunday, and on the same day that radical Islamic terrorists attacked in Sri Lanka:


As I wrote at the time, “CBC put him on TV on Easter Sunday, and even after the Sri Lanka terror attacks against Christians, still decided to run the segment.

So, not only did they fail to have the common sense to not invite him in the first place, but they couldn’t even show the most basic and minimal respect to Canadian Christians by cancelling the segment.

Why the hell are we paying taxes to fund that garbage?

Why should we give our hard-earned money to corrupt elites so they can glorify Omar Khadr and spit in the faces of Canadians?”

The fact that Tout le Monde en Parle has been suspended for glorifying terrorism is another reason why programs like that should be stripped of all taxpayer funding.

And while the suspension is likely to be reversed once enough corrupt elites complain about it, it is certainly a wake-up call about what kind of horrendous things our tax dollars are being used for.

Spencer Fernando

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