VIDEO: Catherine McKenna Explains How She Lies To Canadians

“If you repeat it, if you say it louder, if that’s your talking point, people will totally believe it!” says McKenna.

Canadians have long known that Catherine McKenna is spreading BS in and out of the House of Commons.

Turns out, McKenna knows it too.

In an odd video in which she’s yelling in a bar for some reason, McKenna explained how she spreads her lies:

If you repeat it, if you say it louder, if that’s your talking point, people will totally believe it!”

It’s funny that McKenna said that, considering that the worse the Liberals poll numbers become, the more she yells in the House of Commons and ups the fear-mongering to insane levels.

You can watch the video below:

This shows two things:

First, McKenna knows she’s lying to Canadians.

Second, she’s so arrogant, and has such contempt for the Canadian People, that she just doesn’t care.

She flat out admits her strategy as if it’s some sort of joke, and then demands to be taken seriously when she goes on her loud fear-mongering rants.

McKenna’s arrogance and dishonesty is a slap in the face to Canadians, and she once again shows herself – like Trudeau and all his stooges – unfit to hold office.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Whats she doing in a bar anyway. She keeps going on about ”her children ”, then why
isnt she at home with them . She should be at home with her family .
Yup our very own brain washed , drank all the coolaid , Canadian version of AOC /Alexandra Cortez.

Thomas Tass

If anyone needs to be provided proof that the Liberals are a despicable gang this video is it. Liberals like McKenna are emulating fascist doctrines openly. October cannot come soon enough.

Clive Edwards

Turdo, McKenna and Trump walk into a bar….


turdo ? lol

Shawn Harris

McKenna is like all bullies, neither of them have enough education or intelligence to be able to convince people of anything they believe, so they both just become loud, proud and arrogant. It is said the party reflects its leader and that is so true with the Liberals, when you see and hear Mckenna or anyone else from the Liberals, you are seeing and hearing Trudeau. And lying and being proud of it must be a prerequisite for membership in the liberal party. Canada need honest and truthful leadership and the Liberals wouldn’t know what those essential qualities are even… Read more »


UNBELIEVABLE!!!! You say it’s arrogance, Spencer…maybe you’re right ; why else would she say something so damning – did she not think to speak with her “inside” voice (and I don’t mean her yelling) while out in the public – this is daft.