Despite Massive Injection Of Taxpayer Money, CBC’s ‘The National’ Is Getting Terrible Ratings

No amount of money can force a product on people who don’t like it.

CBC has received a massive injection of taxpayer money under the Trudeau government.

Despite already being well-funded previously, Trudeau upped their budget to the point at which CBC now gets around $1.5 billion per year.

And that money is on top of the advertising revenue they receive, as CBC is allowed to benefit both from being State Media, and from the private advertising market.

This gives CBC a totally unfair advantage, putting private broadcasters on an unequal footing.

Yet despite this huge built in advantage, CBC is unable to convince people to watch their biggest news show – The National.

As noted by Graeme Gordon in the Toronto Sun, the ratings of the revamped 4-host show are quite bad:

“More than 18 months have passed since CBC poured a boatload of money into rebooting and heavily promoting its flagship news show, The National.

Now with four hosts and flagging ratings, the public broadcaster is stubbornly staying the course with the new format despite it clearly not resonating with the average Canadian.”

Graeme points out that The National lost 10% of their views following the show being rebooted, with the audience dropping to 460,000 And now, the audience has fallen again:

“More than a year has passed and the show’s average ratings dropped another 59,000 or 13%, according to a CBC spokesman. Meanwhile, CTV National News still cracks well above 1 million viewers. Unlike The National, though, CTV’s flagship actually sticks to the point when reporting the news and usually leads with important national stories.”

The National is now averaging 401,000 viewers – less than half of what CTV National News brings in.

Gordon notes that much of CBC coverage is now “the Trump Show,” with a focus on what’s happening in the US instead of talking about Canadian news.

It’s a point that has also been made by Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, when he discussed his plans for CBC if he wins the upcoming election:

“When we look and see how much coverage is devoted on CBC to U.S. politics, the inner workings of U.S. politics, making sure that it’s focused on the things that are going on here in Canada — I think that’s something that many Canadians have said we should ensure that it’s focused on the core mandate of being concentrated on Canada.”

The fact is, if we want to watch US politics we can tune in to one of the many US networks. CBC coverage is often identical to CNN, MSNBC, CBS News, NBC News, ABC, and more.

That is a betrayal of CBC’s supposed mandate to serve Canadians.

And while CBC often tries to claim they aren’t ‘state media,’ the reality is that ‘state media’ is exactly what CBC is. Often times, CBC coverage is focused on what’s happening in the US while a huge scandal is brewing here in Canada, and that coverage focus (or lack-thereof) serves the Trudeau government as they seek to change the channel – exactly what the State Broadcaster seeks to do.

Spencer Fernando

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William Roberts

We all know full well what the CBC’s real mandate is.It’s to get Drama Boy re-elected so they can receive millions and millions of taxpayers dollars for a private corporation that wouldn’t last a year without freebies from you and me.The Libtards know that if you control the media you control the masses.And by injecting some $600 million before an election they are especially buying the media to do their bidding.More corruption from the most corrupt Government and PM of all time.


Canadians have had this opinion for years. The deflection from Trudeau and his Liberals is deliberate. it is also easy to see where they manipulate the news and content so certain people aren’t offended.

Eleanor Merkus

The CBC has been avoiding the Canadian issues like the plague for several years now….Time to defund the bias it has toward the conservatives and let free market take control of it. In all reality it won’t last long.


There is another thing Andrew Scheer and I do not agree about, I think this is a huge waste of taxpayers money, just unfund CBC. All the anti Trump (mostly fake news) and now most of that has been proven as Democratic lies in the USA, we insult the majority of Americans copying their LIEberal news also they are rewriting our history at times along with the Lieberals and hide what is really going on in Canada. When PM Harper was giving a speech,years ago, CBC cut it off his speech to go to some other ?news and I had… Read more »

Gerri Page

CBC should pay its own way like in the States mostly with advertisements and if people stop watching, then advertising stops as advertisers are dependent on news to sell their products. Of course there will always be some who donate money for their benefit.

Doug Maenpaa

Agree, fire the whole CBC , and put ’em on the welfare rolls….that would be better than the status quo.

Ken (Kulak)

CBC should be privatized or shut down. I haven’t watched their heavily Liberal biased television news or radio broadcasts for over twenty years. The organization has evolved over the post-war decades to present everything from a Marxist perspective and is nothing but an integral part of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Doug Maenpaa

Lets hear Shreer and Bernier campaign on that promise (defunding the CBC)….it needs to be done.


Don’t even mention defunding CBC, just win the election and defund it. For some reason, millions actually think the CBC represents Canada.


I also used to be a die-hard CBC fan. Not any more. Watch Global for suppertime ‘entertainment’ (better hosts) or CTV, which is also biased but more information vs opinion & personal eyebrow-arching – they ALL certainly have their biases, mostly to make JT look good. Never is US- positive news reported, just Trump slurs. Bottom line I want to hear positive encouraging Canadian-growth news & hope & pray that will come after Oct.this year.


Only a doofus would trust the mainstream media nowadays.

Gerri Page

CBC is bought and owned with tax dollars by the Liberals under Trudeau. Like the Democrats, CBC twists the truth and people are fed up with Trudeau, his lies and dictatorship.


I agree the CBC is not serving Canadians but CTV is even worse. At least CTV is private but it’s full.of left wing garbage.


The Canadian Brainwashing Control (CBC) has been exposed for what it is. Wake up Canada there is no free lunch, taxpayers pay for everything and the money is not going where it should.


CBC should either be privatized or their News department should be completely defunded, music and entertainment, that’s it, no more foreign offices, no more staff holidays to cover stupid news stories around the world.


CBC should be subscription based, even on cable.