Trudeau Liberals Strip British Columbia Shipyard Of Heavy Icebreaker, Speculation It Will Be Built In Quebec Instead

Another move by the Trudeau government that could cause a national unity crisis.

With the Trudeau Liberals refusing to accept Conservative amendments to Bill C-69, the government is doubling down on an approach that is creating a national unity crisis and hurting Western Canada.

Trudeau has recently spoken well of Quebec Separatists (probably because he basically was one), while at the same time demonizing six Canadian Premiers who warned him that Bill C-48 and C-69 are threatening national unity.

Clearly, Trudeau is trying to pit Western Canada against Quebec, in the expectation that he will win enough seats to stay in power.

And now, there’s another potential slap in the face to Western Canada.

According to the CP, the Trudeau government is stripping the construction of Canada’s new heavy icebreaker from the Vancouver Shipyard:

“The federal government has taken construction of the coast guard’s next heavy icebreaker away from a Vancouver shipyard, the latest in a string of changes to Canada’s multibillion-dollar shipbuilding strategy.

Seaspan Shipbuilding was tapped in 2011 to build the icebreaker, the CCGS John G. Diefenbaker, as part of a larger order that also included four science vessels for the coast guard and two navy supply ships.

But Fisheries Minister Jonathan Wilkinson’s office says the icebreaker has been removed from Seaspan’s order book and replaced with 16 smaller vessels that the government announced it was buying last month.”

And it seems that the big icebreaker may be built in Quebec instead:

“Wilkinson’s office says no decision has been made on where the Diefenbaker will be built but some believe Seaspan’s bitter rival in Quebec, Davie Shipbuilding, will get the contract.

Davie has been lobbying the federal government for the icebreaker since 2013 and a spokesman for the shipyard says he thinks it is a foregone conclusion that the vessel will be built there.”

What a coincidence, a big contract already in place gets stripped from Western Canada and likely given to Quebec…

This is clearly a political move by the Trudeau Liberals, who are writing off Western Canada and putting all their eggs in the Quebec basket.

It will lead to even more national division, as Trudeau continues to show a willingness to tear Canada apart if the thinks it will snag him a few more votes.

It’s dangerous, divisive, and disgusting.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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What a complete turd.


So what if BC loses the construction, didn’t they stop construction of the TMX? Trudeau has made it very clear he despises canadians, our rule and law Our values, white canadians. He has become is own man under his own rules and laws, with his own selective people, with his own police, media his own little country within a larger on. No wonder he is unperturbed to anything Outside his own little country. BC should have known when Trudeau comes calling was only to benefit HIM and as long they abide by his law they might get what they want.… Read more »

David MacKAY

Actually Trudeau is a dictator but Canadians can’t allow themselves to believe it.,

Brian Dougan

So sick of today’s federal politics. It’s a never ending; politically correct power struggle. Forget Canadians. Forget Canada. We don’t count. Appease the Muslims. Appease the Chinese. Appease Quebec. Appease the special interest groups. Break the law. Lie through their teeth. Severely weaken the economy; particularly in Alberta. And on…and on…and on. Canada has become a chessboard, and we’re the pawns. A country controlled by an inarticulate; petulant; spoiled child. Meanwhile; the leader of Her Majesty’s “Loyal” Opposition belongs in Madame Tussaud’s wax museum. A man made of wax–bend him; shape him…any way the Liberals and the CBC want him.… Read more »

Jay mack

Vote Andrew Scheer in October 2019


Just vote Turdope out.


Even more reason for an emergency election now, we need the FOR Canadians Conservatives in now to keep Canada. Trudeau is still supported from outside of Canada, and as long as Quebec has enough money and businesses behind it now and is ready they need to separate asap before western Canada can or they will get stuck with Canada’s huge debt, but if Quebec separates first we get left with Canada’s huge debt and this is what happens, even from the UN if a country separates, and IF Trudeau is left longer in power will more than likely happen, as… Read more »

Civil Civilian

Not one second will be wasted listening to an eu lovin pm of the greatest failure in Canadian history. The blistering defeat coming of this ridiculous man will make history again.


Canada hasn’t a hope for a future unless it is Quebec and Trudeau free. The only chance to save Canada is a strong CPC party with a real leader and Scheer punted to the curb.


The Davie shipyard did at least bring in the supply ship on time and under budget. What’s the Seaspan record? Have also heard that Irving has quality control issues, particularly with respect to wields.

Joseph Pasher

This idiot Trudeau has to go. What legal avenues do we have to have this liberal government out before the October election. Canada is being held hostage by this Trudeau liberal government. This jackass Trudeau should be held accountable but yet he is above any Canadian laws. The laws have to be changed so as no government is above the law. Maybe concider something like the United States where the government can be impeached.

Thomas Tass

Trudeau and the Liberals are the authors of the disintegration of Canada starting with the post nation state concept. Given the speed with which events impact our lives the October election may be too far down the road to save the country. There is a national emergency and its not climate change!!

Clive Edwards

Before it was called, “Seaspan” (an American company) the North Vancouver Shipyards included Burrard Dry Dock (Canadian) which was also deprived of a “promised and pending” order for a Polar 8 Class icebreaker. The government of the day kept asking for changes to the drawings which including engineers time, drafting time, accounting consultations and re-presenting the project until Burrard’s was deeply in debt and had banked its continued existence on this particular ice breaker contract. At the last minute the project was given to an eastern shipyard. The bank carrying Burrard’s paper called the note, the land was re-zoned for… Read more »


Have the upstream and downstream effects been investigated for the construction of these ships? Start with those effects related to steel making and then shut down that industry.

Bill Craig

Not real fond of Scheer, but I would vote for anyone who has a good shot at defeating the turd. Confident this will happen in October.


He underestimates the west… his bluff…now is the time.

David MacKAY

So what is the penalty clause on this contract? And will Sea span sue?


Welcome to the Liberal Party of Quebec…….the Crime Minister and his band of BOBBLE heads strike at the West once again.

Rob Gillespie

Good work, Trudeau the stupid bastard: BC has not been so much on board with the whole western alienation thing. This could be just the stupid move to fix that!