Trudeau Liberals Strip British Columbia Shipyard Of Heavy Icebreaker, Speculation It Will Be Built In Quebec Instead

Another move by the Trudeau government that could cause a national unity crisis.

With the Trudeau Liberals refusing to accept Conservative amendments to Bill C-69, the government is doubling down on an approach that is creating a national unity crisis and hurting Western Canada.

Trudeau has recently spoken well of Quebec Separatists (probably because he basically was one), while at the same time demonizing six Canadian Premiers who warned him that Bill C-48 and C-69 are threatening national unity.

Clearly, Trudeau is trying to pit Western Canada against Quebec, in the expectation that he will win enough seats to stay in power.

And now, there’s another potential slap in the face to Western Canada.

According to the CP, the Trudeau government is stripping the construction of Canada’s new heavy icebreaker from the Vancouver Shipyard:

“The federal government has taken construction of the coast guard’s next heavy icebreaker away from a Vancouver shipyard, the latest in a string of changes to Canada’s multibillion-dollar shipbuilding strategy.

Seaspan Shipbuilding was tapped in 2011 to build the icebreaker, the CCGS John G. Diefenbaker, as part of a larger order that also included four science vessels for the coast guard and two navy supply ships.

But Fisheries Minister Jonathan Wilkinson’s office says the icebreaker has been removed from Seaspan’s order book and replaced with 16 smaller vessels that the government announced it was buying last month.”

And it seems that the big icebreaker may be built in Quebec instead:

“Wilkinson’s office says no decision has been made on where the Diefenbaker will be built but some believe Seaspan’s bitter rival in Quebec, Davie Shipbuilding, will get the contract.

Davie has been lobbying the federal government for the icebreaker since 2013 and a spokesman for the shipyard says he thinks it is a foregone conclusion that the vessel will be built there.”

What a coincidence, a big contract already in place gets stripped from Western Canada and likely given to Quebec…

This is clearly a political move by the Trudeau Liberals, who are writing off Western Canada and putting all their eggs in the Quebec basket.

It will lead to even more national division, as Trudeau continues to show a willingness to tear Canada apart if the thinks it will snag him a few more votes.

It’s dangerous, divisive, and disgusting.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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