Despite Canadians’ Intense Opposition To Carbon Tax, McKenna Arrogantly Plans To Impose It On Alberta

The Trudeau Liberals don’t care what Canadians think.

As I recently reported, Justin Trudeau and Catherine McKenna received a big rebuke from the Canadian People, as a poll shows 45% of people opposing the carbon tax, and just 28% in support.

The intensity of opposition is also far stronger than the intensity of support, as those who say the carbon tax will impact their vote in October are far more likely to oppose the tax than support it.

Yet, the Trudeau Liberals refuse to listen to what Canadians think, and are doubling down on their economically destructive approach, even as a unity crisis escalates.

National unity is now at unprecedented risk, as Bill C-48 and C-69 are going to be devastating for Western Canada, driving a surge in alienation and separatist sentiment.

And not even a day after refusing to consider any significant amendments to C-69, the Liberals are provoking Alberta yet again.

Catherine McKenna has announced that the Trudeau Carbon Tax will be imposed on Alberta – against the wishes of the province, and against the obvious democratic choice Albertans made by electing the anti-carbon tax United Conservative Party.

[email protected] says she sent a letter to Alberta’s environment minister today to tell him the feds will impose a price on pollution in Alberta. “I notified him that the price on pollution will apply as of January 1 next year.” #cdnpoli #abpoli”

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney responded:

“We will stand up to this federal effort to punish Albertans for heating their homes & driving to work. Our government will launch an immediate constitutional challenge of this federal tax grab through a judicial reference to the Alberta Court of Appeal.”

McKenna’s arrogance and contempt for democracy is on full display. She and Trudeau are clearly enjoying the immense power they wield, yet they are abusing that power in a way that is destabilizing our nation, risking our national unity, and causing a level of anger that hasn’t been seen in a very long time.

By refusing to listen to facts or reason, and by repeatedly spitting in the face of Western Canadians, the Trudeau Liberals have created a situation where the only hope for national unity and prosperity is for the Liberals to be decisively crushed in October.

Spencer Fernando

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Shawn Harris

Since Trudeau and McKenna like to fiddle while Canada burns, then insisting upon blindly approving bill C69, they will divide and destroy Canada. And using their inflated egos, arrogant belief in their moral superiority , that only they themselves know what is best for all Canadians and Canada. They have failed to listen to and consider the desires of the average citizen and have denied us all our right to be heard and listened to. Virtue signalling and pandering isn’t the way to serve Canada and the wants and desires of all Canadians. Yet, That it’s exactly what Trudeau is… Read more »


If we have another fake election and these horrible Lieberals get back in, which will be the end of Canada. I hope Ontario is smart enough to include itself if the west separates, and all the Lieberals can move to Quebec and pay carbon tax to this divisive wasteful Lieberal puppet one world government.
Please please elect a Canadian Conservative government and lets get Canada back and Alberta and the whole country will not be punished with this escalating tax scheme.


Can we ever get adults in ottawa again?


No worries, Alberta. Jan 1 is 2 1/2 months after the Liberals get thrown out of Canada.

Clive Edwards

Canada, with our two official languages and other multi-cultural aspects, is a prototype for the globalist agenda. In terms of political freedom, however, smaller is better. Are we better off with large countries or have we lost something important since the time of the Greek and Italian city states? In the end, de-confederation is the only solution. Of course, those provinces wishing to re-confederate under less colonial terms are free to do so.