Trudeau Government Gives Canada Summer Jobs Money To Group Suspended By CRA For Possible Terrorist Financing


The Trudeau Liberal government made a big deal about enforcing their far-left ‘values’ in the Canada Summer Jobs program.

Unsurprisingly, the Liberals targeted Canadian Christians and Conservatives, denying funding to groups doing good work unless they signed something that was basically left-wing talking points.

Apparently however, the Trudeau Liberals are just fine giving money to groups facing allegations of financing terrorists.

As reported by Global News, “A Toronto-area organization that was suspended by charities regulators and fined $550,000 over concerns it may have funded armed militants in Pakistan has been awarded a federal summer jobs grant.

Although the Islamic Society of North America-Canada is serving a one-year suspension imposed by the Canada Revenue Agency, it was approved for 2019 Canada Summer Jobs funding.”

The Trudeau government is giving them $25,787.

CRA suspended the group because of concerns with money that was transferred to the Kashmir region. The result was that ISNA-Canada “may have, knowingly or unknowingly, provided the benefits of its status as a registered charity to support the efforts of a political party and its armed wing,” according to the report.

The money may have ended up in the hands of Hizbul Mujahideen, which is listed as a terrorist group by both India and the European Union.

Only two former charities in Canada are suspended. ISNA-Canada is one of them.

Yet, the Trudeau Liberals have no problem giving them thousands of taxpayer dollars.

The message this sends is disturbing: The Trudeau Liberals aren’t okay with Canadian Christians who want Summer Jobs funding, but are totally cool with groups accused of possible terror financing getting money.

If anything goes to show how twisted and messed up the Trudeau Liberals are, that’s it right there.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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PM Scheer is going to be busy repairing the destruction imposed by the libs. Time for Canadians to give the libs the gift of non party status.


I agree Jim but I hope Canadians will give Sheer a chance to do just that. I don’t honestly understand why Trudeau is allowed to do the things he does. It seems having an opposition party is useless in this country because we see what the Liberals are doing and it also seems we are powerless to stop it. The Liberals may be down in the polls but Trudeau is said by many to be the best PM ever. I can’t possibly agree with that but to each his own I guess eh.


The media and reporters will make Andrew Scheer pay for Trudeau’s disaster to Canada. Andrew thinks the media will treat him with kid gloves as they do with the liberals. He will soon find out that the media disdain for anything conservatives to make his life and his party ‘a living hell’
In fact, the media has already started on his case.
How many times per day and on hourly basis have you seen,read or heard the media attack Trudeau for the mess he is doing to Canada? There you have it!


Why do Canadians have to remain governed by an evidence based law breaker ?


To me the LIEberals are terrorists so of course they support them and not Canadians with our tax dollars.

Major Tom

In short…….Justin’s friend is my enemy!


Time to embrace the “new Canadian values” mandated by the libtards.

Clive Edwards

I don’t suppose there was money for Buddhists in there. No, I thought not.


How unfortunate we do not have a media who cares to investigate the deceptive and illegal practices of our federal government. As long as we have a biased and anti-conservative media most Canadians will remain uninformed.


Funny, the media went to town on PMSH from the first day he was in opposition right through his years in office analyzing every move he made, dollars spent, and still he won elections. Yet, the idol they created in Trudeau ignored his moves the whereabouts of our money, support for his terrorists and illegals, his disaster to our country. the more the media purposely and deliberately manipulate the news of Trudeau’s disaster to Canada from being aired, or written, the public will forget.


Whether CRA findings are accurate or not, Trudeau will continue giving money to terrorists org., in fact, he probably hand the money over personally. Trudeau’s respect for them is greater than for his own citizens.