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Conservative Party of Canada Leader Andrew Scheer has released “A Real Plan to Protect Our Environment.”

The Conservatives have released their Climate Plan.

Here’s what Scheer said on the Conservative Party Website:

“I am proud to present A Real Plan to Protect Our Environment, a plan that will conserve our environment for future generations, protect our children from the effects of climate change, and make a real impact on global emissions reduction.

Conservatives have a proud legacy when it comes to managing Canada’s natural environment and improving Canada’s environmental performance.

This legacy spans the full history of our country. The founder of our party and Canada’s first Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald, laid the groundwork for the national parks system and created the first three – Banff, Yoho, and Glacier.

Years later, Prime Minister Robert Borden championed Arctic exploration to establish a scientific understanding of our northern frontier, with his efforts ultimately recognized in the naming of Borden Island.

Prime Minister John Diefenbaker further entrenched Canada’s Arctic sovereignty with his Roads to Resources policy while also enshrining in legislation Canadian Environment Week, an annual tradition encouraging environmental action that continues to this day.

Brian Mulroney – named Canada’s greenest Prime Minister in 2006 – negotiated the Canada-United States acid rain treaty, created eight new national parks, and brought in the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, Canada’s first ever comprehensive pollution law.

The previous Conservative government, led by Stephen Harper, achieved a net decline of greenhouse gas emissions between 2007 and 2015 through targeted programs in the agriculture, transportation, and energy sectors.

This plan – A Real Plan to Protect Our Environment – builds on our proud Conservative legacy.

The policies outlined in this plan will further lower Canada’s emissions and strengthen environmental protection without taking money out of Canadians’ pockets. Our plan does not have a carbon tax.”

You can read the full Conservative Party of Canada Climate Plan below:

Conservative Party Climate Plan by Spencer Fernando on Scribd

Spencer Fernando

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