Trump Says He’ll Do “Anything I Can” To Help Canada

Trudeau government seeks US help with China as the Communist State won’t even return our calls.

US President Donald Trump is offering his support for Canada, as our fight with China continues escalating.

Trump made the comments during a White House meeting with PM Justin Trudeau, who was widely expected to press Trump on offering assistance for the two detained Canadians – Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor.

While Trudeau had once talked a big game about pivoting away from the US and closer towards Communist China, that approach has totally collapsed with China disrespecting our nation, bullying us, and now even ignoring requests for phone calls by Chrystia Freeland and Trudeau.

Now, Trudeau is talking about how Canada and the US have the ‘closest alliance in the world,’ and asking the US to step in on our behalf.

Of course, a big part of the problem is that Trudeau’s weakness and refusal to retaliate against China is encouraging more and more bullying, as China sees that they can get away with it.

That said, since the US is the one who requested that we arrest Meng Wanzhou, it is only fair that the US offer some assistance. Additionally, it’s in the interest of the US to help Canada, as they seek to build a coalition to confront the increasingly aggressive Communist government of China.

Below, you can watch Trudeau’s comments:

Trump is expected to have a meeting with China’s leader Xi Jinping at the upcoming G20 summit in Japan.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Don Taylor

Thank god we have a neighbour like Trump,that is willing to talk to china,Trump said before that Turdeau was a very weak PM and he was right ,Turdeau just sat their with that silly little boy smirk on his face,Turdeau and Freeland both a couple of losers


I saw it too……the locked fingers. the tilted head with the pathetic grin, then the all-embracing open hands (multiple times) to (try to) show how knowledgeable he is on all these matters. JT the phoney. I know Trump could see through him, no problem.

alan skelhorne

this is sickening, this weak little potato has to go. he goes down to the usa to discuss free trade, and he asks trump to get involved in the china fiasco. my goodness Trudeau step aside, let someone run the party, you n freelan n Hussein should just walk away. does he thing that the president has forgotten when he brought the jets home, and turned his back on our allies.


he is still not there not because we want to see and hear him !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Civil Civilian

So at the end of his tenure he finally realizes his weakness world wide, such a waste for Canadians to endure.

Gerri Page

China won’t deal with”little potato” as he was called because he is just plain ignorant and not bright at all. Could never answer a question without notes and or ear phones. An embarrassment to Canada and in the World.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau, true to form, still a lying hypocrite. He spent the last three years mocking Trump, delegitimizing him and pretending to be able to outsmart Trump. And now pretending to be America’s closest friend,he has to get down on bended knee and plead for Trump’s help. Sure Trump will help Trudeau out, after our national election in October. That’s when Scheer and the Conservatives will be in power. Until then Trump will leave Trudeau hanging by a thread of promised help, eating the not so sweet humble pie, that Trudeau has so eagerly desired. How much longer will Canada have… Read more »

Trevor Marr

Let’s work TOGETHER, get a FAIR price for our oilsands and make the World our Oilster and make North America the World’s Oil Store!!! @realDonaldTrump @JustinTrudeau @jkenney @AndrewScheer


What is Justin Trudeau doing in your list??

Trevor Marr

We will not need WORLD Market Access for Canadian Oil if the USA allows Canada to supply itself with it’s own products and have sufficient pipelines and get a fair price from the USA!

Left Coast

U are aware that the Rockerfeller Foundation, Tides & other have spent 10s of Millions in Canada funding the Anti-Oil loons for over a decade.
Who is buying Canadian Oil at discount prices . . . Chevron, Exon, Standard & others . . . some who belong to these same Rockerfellers who have made Billions at the expense of Canada.

Brian Dougan

A slightly frivolous question: Does Trudeau own only one suit? That light blue one has been getting a lot of mileage. Maybe it’s his “lucky” suit.


It shows off his ‘body image’ which is what matters to this ‘selfie-boy’

Trevor Marr

Our Governments must Issue two Official Cards, you must ONLY sign one, #1Card says I support Oil/Fossil Fuels, #2Card says I do NOT support Oil/Fossil Fuels, but in order to benefit from ANYTHING that owes anything of it’s existence to Oil/Fossil Fuels you need a Signed #1Card. Unless you have a Signed #1Card, there will be no bananas for You! The Protesting will STOP immediately!!! What Card# is in your Wallet Justin?

Rob Gillespie

Trump’s not doing this for little Justin. He clearly has more respect for the Canadian people than our own Prime Minister does.

Gerri Page

Trudeau is ruining our Country and yes we need help and a boot up Trudeau’s butt. He reads his notes or has his ear phones on because he could never answer a question due to his ability of being ignorant of world affairs and Canada’s needs.

Left Coast

Justin just looks so friggin pathetic standing beside Trump . . . .
Perhaps Trump can Help Canada be rid of Justin in October . . . after all it was Obama’s Social Media Warriors that spend 9 months in Canada getting the Trust Funder 2 time University Dropout elected in 2015.