Chicoms Slam ‘Naive’ Canada

Say pressure from Canada’s allies won’t work.

The Chicoms (ChinaCommunists) are launching another rhetorical barrage on Canada.

China foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang was referring to claims by PM Trudeau in which Trudeau said he was “confident” Trump had raised the matter of kidnapped Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor with China’s dictator Xi Jinping.

“I would like to caution the Canadian side against being too naive,” said Geng.“First, it shouldn’t be so naive as to believe that asking its so-called ally to pressure China will work. China is a country with the rule of law and the judicial authorities handle cases independently. China’s judicial sovereignty brooks no interference.

Added Geng, “Second, it shouldn’t be so naive as to believe that its so-called ally will earnestly pursue a Canadian agenda. They will only pay a lip service, at best. The matter is, after all, between China and Canada.”

China has also placed all the blame on Canada, ignoring the fact that while detained Chinese Citizen Meng Wanzhou is living in the lap of luxury, Canadians Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig are being kept in horrible conditions, with the lights apparently kept on 24 hours a day.

The Chicoms are playing the old ‘moral-equivalence’ game, where they point to real flaws in Western nations while pretending that those flaws are somehow comparable to their brutal authoritarian Communist State.

Unfortunately, Trudeau is making it easier for China to get away with it, as his ‘post-national state’ agenda defames Canada and seeks to wipe out the nationalism and patriotism necessary for us to stand up for ourselves.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Roger Shelswell

THE VILLAGE IDIOT is bound and determined to destroy our country.


Only more naive than the nitwit masquerading as a PM is the people that voted for him.


You used the word naive very applicable.canada has painted itself into a corner again with its unrealistic world view.


One of the Trudeau LIEberals goals was to get good positions with the one world “elites” at the UN, (so post national state Lieberals) and who appears to be heading up the UN?????? When Pres. Trump gave his speech at the UN, remember what he said and has said since about the failing of the once good idea of the UN, as it is being run by not so nice countries with bad ideas etc. The Chinese and the Russians are very involved in the takeover of the UN. We know Trudeau has taken personal money from the Chinese and… Read more »


Canada isn’t naive, just corrupted.
China is correct. Politics and judicial system are separate.
Our politicians have changed it to be intermixed in their favour.
We see vast amounts of corruption from our politicians and not a single arrest.
It shows our system is broken.

Ana Gomes

We need to work on laws to control the power of the PMO. That power is the greatest obstacle to a good Democracy. Many leaders do not have the power that our PMs have. That power leads to a corrupted system. Look how they limit what the President of the USA can do.. Trump can hardly move without the approval of Senate, Congress, Courts, FBI, CIA, and their dogs and cats plus the Media bought by the Democrats ,that do not allow the new President to concentrate on important things. Compare that with Little Potato, actor Trudeau ,with the taxpayers… Read more »

Shawn Harris

China would never have tried to do to Canada what it is doing now , when Harper was in power. Back then, Canada was respected because Harper showed the world that Canada was run by a strong government with principled leadership. Now, since Trudeau came to power, he has shown the world that Canada is an easy mark for abuse, being taken advantage of and extortion, especially by the Chinese. Trudeau has turned our respect into worldwide mockery and Trudeau is viewed as being vain, self righteous, to the point of being a clown, vacuous and severely out of his… Read more »