While Hussen Calls For “Higher Refugee Numbers Every Single Year” Canadians Are Saying “NO”

Majority in survey say government should not be accepting more refugees.

Ahmed Hussen has said that he wants “higher refugee numbers every year,” and is pushing for the numbers to go up and up and up.

By doing so, Hussen is going against the will of the Canadian People.

A survey by Maru/Blue shows Canadians rejecting Hussen’s call for higher refugees.

57% of Canadians say Canada should not bring in more refugees, a clear majority rejecting what Hussen and the Trudeau Liberals are pushing for.

And before the elites try to spin those numbers and paint Canadians as ‘anti-immigrant,’ the survey shows that 76% want to do more to bring skilled workers into the country.

What this shows is that Canadians support the traditional immigration system we had, a system that was widely respected worldwide. In fact, the US government has been trying to shift their immigration system towards a more merit-based program like what was in place here.

However, the Trudeau Liberals are gutting that system, cutting the percentage of skilled workers and increasing the numbers of elderly relatives and refugees. It’s a simple reality that that type of immigration creates a higher burden on social welfare systems, while contributing less to the economy.

Some of the other key numbers from the poll show 64% saying illegal immigration is a serious problem in Canada, 56% say bringing in too many immigrants will change Canada, and 24% say that “too many immigrants are visible minorities.” Notably, the percentage of visible minorities who say there are “too many visible minority immigrants” is identical to the number of non-visible minorities who say that.

The overall message of these polls is that Canadians want to go back to the immigration system we used to have, and are totally rejecting the effort by Hussen and the Liberals to break that system apart.

Spencer Fernando

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You mean a lib government that doesn’t listen to the nation’s citizens? It just gets worse.

Edward st Pierre

If you have a small town of 50 people and you bring in 50 people who don’t like each other to start with how do you that is going to affect the locals.they are going to be placed in the middle of the mess that you are creating.look at Burnaby go to any store I’m out numbered fifty to one and I’m sure many are illegal but who’s counting it’s like no one cares. I hear they have to import more Asians to work in their restaurants . it’s like the locals aren’t good enough.

old white guy

Of course no one cares. Look at the governments that we vote for. It is either we don’t care or we are terminally stupid. I usually go with the idea that most canadians are stupid.

old white guy

What rational, thinking, Canadians want has never been of concern to any government in Canada. Big brother tells us what we want and if Hussen wants to bring in more of “his” people, that is what you will get. Welfare costs mean nothing to him as he is paid welfare in the form of a government salary and expenses. Break Canada no matter what is the liberal socialist ideal and all parties believe just that. Max may be different but we will not know unless he is given the opportunity.

Andre Baldini

Je ne comprendrais jamais comment Justin Trudeau a pu engager ce Ahmed Hussen comme ministre a déclaré qu’il souhaitait «un nombre de réfugiés plus élevé chaque année»et nous devons accepter cette invasion sans rien dire. Détruire un pays on ne fait pas mieux

Karen Anderson

What do you expect,they are trying to get rid of us so that these so called refuges will have new homes and take over,look at Europe it’s already happening there now. God help us we are just walking around with blinders on and then one day we will wake up and sorry folks it will be to late !!!!

Kathy Vetere

Unfortunately, the Conservative Party appear to be planning the same immigration policies as the Liberals (other than closing the border to illegals). Michele Rempel and Andrew Sheer have stated dozens of time that they are going to bring in the “most vulnerable” and “people who need Canada”. They refuse to tell us the number of people they plan on bringing to Canada. This should tell us that they are not going back to sensible numbers that we can comfortably handle. They no longer mention the Global Compact for Migration. It appears to me that they are also going to follow… Read more »

Thomas Tass

There are many people who are afraid of this government. Canadians of all races and ethnic backgrounds who dare to question the government policies today know they best shut up or they could be in legal jeopardy. The automatic response of to any questioning of the current immigration and refugee policy and by extension the current Minister is frame the questioner as a racist. The political goons of the Liberal party are expert at short circuiting any meaningful debate on this subject through well orchestrated fear and smear campaigns against anyone or any group that questions their policies. When that… Read more »