Bernier Gets It Right On Phasing Out Foreign Aid

Government must focus on Canadians, not citizens of foreign countries.

With the Trudeau Liberals going on a non-stop foreign aid spending binge, many have pointed out that they aren’t the first government to give away billions.

While the former Harper government was much tougher in terms of defending Canada’s natural interest, and maintaining an immigration system that benefited Canada, the reality is that the Conservatives also gave away many billions of dollars every year.

Unfortunately, while foreign aid often sounds nice, the reality is that it represents a theft from Canadians in need.

After all, the Canadian government is supposed to be serving the Canadian People, not citizens of other nations.

That’s why it is good to see Maxime Bernier getting it right when it comes to foreign aid.

On the foreign policy section of the People’s Party of Canada election platform, it is made clear that development aid (foreign aid) will be phased out:

“Save billions of dollars by phasing out development aid, and focus Canadian international assistance exclusively on emergency humanitarian action in cases such as health crises, major conflicts and natural disasters.”

This is the furthest any party has gone in terms of ending the billions of dollars given away outside our country, and keeping it within Canada.

And this really shouldn’t be a partisan issue. The Canadian government is called ‘Canadian’ for a reason, which means it should be focused solely on the needs of the Canadian People.

Imagine all that could be done to help Canadians in need if we had those many billions of dollars back within our own borders assisting our citizens.

Every party should match the People’s Party pledge to phase out our foreign aid and put the focus back on our own Canadian Citizens.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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So the question is thus.
Why should Canada, Federal Government, build a road in Jordan when the 100 series highway is need across Canada of work.
And, when the Justin Trudeau Government steps up the split is not 50/50 but that isn’t the spin Justin spews out.


I really like what he has to say !

Valerie Clark

Saying things is easy. American Democrats signed Bills to spend $50 billion for a wall when Obozo was President. They signed because they knew it was NEVER going to happen. Bernier can say anything because he knows there’s no chance he’s going to win. That said, I hope he wins his seat but only that one; Conservatives need the rest. I won’t be voting for him because I think the Liberals paid him to split the vote.

robert abbott

keep our money within our borders for the benefit of all Canadians. We have all the natural resources to do what ever we need to do. Canada would be the country to come to for trade the potential is endless and the benefit to Canadian citizens would be endless as well. Stop all the foreign paid fringe groups entering Canada, trying to destroy our natural resource markets and development.


All of Canada’s governments should be doing this and also not handing out billions to support their friends in supposed failing businesses and until we are out of the huge debt and really high taxes all government money collected from Canadians should be spent on Canadians and getting our countries businesses back in shape by cutting red tape and taxes, making and enforcing strong honest fair equal laws right across the country and every one needs to be law abiding including because no country can be free and strong without fair equal good laws, honesty and respect we cannot have… Read more »

Valerie Clark

Canada is rich in natural resources and has a civilized, caring, sharing society – so far. The world’s elitists won’t allow Canadians to keep what we have when it’s so easy to take it from us. As for the billions Trudeau has given away, offshore bank accounts are bursting with Canadian money and our resources are left in the ground awaiting future plunder. The Canada you describe would be lovely but is unfortunately a fantasy.

Ruth Bard

Couldn’t agree more, not b/c we shouldn’t be helping developing societies get on their feet, but b/c transparent, accountable NGOs can do so much more cost-effectively. How about cutting taxes and encouraging more charitable giving by individuals and (non-Crown) corporations? Canadians are a pretty generous bunch and we would all love to see less of our money being sucked into the black hole of govts.

Clive Edwards

Hear! Hear! The People’s Party of Canada does indeed have the best platform of any of the parties. The Liberals are nasty globalist thieves. The Liberals steal their election platform, at least the parts they announce for public consumption, from the NDP and the Greens. The Conservative Party machine will give us Harper “lite”. Anyone who cares for Canada needs to vote their conscience.

Valerie Clark

A vote for the PPC is a vote for the Liberals. Most people have never heard of them so all they’ll accomplish in the coming election is a split vote which is what the Liberals want. I’m suspicious that they may have paid Bernier to give them that. If Bernier truly loved Canada, he wouldn’t run in this election but would spend the next 4 years getting ready to offer Canadians a viable option to the Conservatives in 2023.

William Roberts

Why send billions overseas when those people will be living in Canada in the future anyway.

Valerie Clark

Right! We may as well get used to supporting them now.

Roy Elsworth

of course bernier gets it right that is why I want him as pm

Valerie Clark

I can give you a 100% guarantee that that absolutely will NOT happen. Most Canadians have never heard of Bernier or his party. It takes at least 10 years for a political party to become known in Canada and Bernier’s been at it for just 1 year. If he truly loved Canada, he wouldn’t run in this election but would spend the next 4 years getting ready to offer Canadians a viable option to the Conservatives in 2023.

Tim Atchison

I’m not a Bernier fan but I have to respect him after that comment it’s time to get a leader that looks after our COUNTRY first and foremost the hell with other countries

Valerie Clark

It’s easy to make promises when you know you’ll never have to keep them. The Liberals do it all the time!

John Willms

Finally someone gets it right, my tax dollars should stay in Canada, maybe we might even be able to keep some for ourselves. Wow, never thought I would see a politician say that.

Arie Intveld

I agree with Maxime’s stated position on foreign aid. Too bad it’s political conivery to win over some more disenfranchised Conservatives. Maxime’s mouth is running contrary to his personal beliefs. Maxime Bernier was the PQ Party’s legislative advisor when Lucien Bouchard was busy flipping Quebec over to a Social Solidarity Economy. Maxime’s Executive Director/Communications Director, Johanne Mennie, is a disciple of the Tides Foundation and it’s heavy sponsorship and propagandizing of the wonders of both the Social Economy Initiative and the Social Finance Agenda. In short, Mad Max is a communist in a blue suit. The name of Maxime’s new… Read more »


Preach! Our generous nature is being weaponized against us. What sane parent would care for the needs of all other children on the block before their own?

While it’s clear that Trudeau Libs are circling the drain with their arrogance and stupidity, I’m concerned that the PC offering is nothing more than a “Liberal with icing” pander-genda.

Bernier makes sense and the fact that our garbage mainstream media hates him is a plus for me. If Canadians would get facts and think logically about these issues, many will find Max and the PPC Platform refreshing and hopeful.

David Henley

Bernier has more than just the foreign aid problem solved. Media has silenced the only true conservative. His plan would bring Canada back to world status as a good country to live. Canadians first.