Bernier Gets It Right On Phasing Out Foreign Aid

Government must focus on Canadians, not citizens of foreign countries.

With the Trudeau Liberals going on a non-stop foreign aid spending binge, many have pointed out that they aren’t the first government to give away billions.

While the former Harper government was much tougher in terms of defending Canada’s natural interest, and maintaining an immigration system that benefited Canada, the reality is that the Conservatives also gave away many billions of dollars every year.

Unfortunately, while foreign aid often sounds nice, the reality is that it represents a theft from Canadians in need.

After all, the Canadian government is supposed to be serving the Canadian People, not citizens of other nations.

That’s why it is good to see Maxime Bernier getting it right when it comes to foreign aid.

On the foreign policy section of the People’s Party of Canada election platform, it is made clear that development aid (foreign aid) will be phased out:

“Save billions of dollars by phasing out development aid, and focus Canadian international assistance exclusively on emergency humanitarian action in cases such as health crises, major conflicts and natural disasters.”

This is the furthest any party has gone in terms of ending the billions of dollars given away outside our country, and keeping it within Canada.

And this really shouldn’t be a partisan issue. The Canadian government is called ‘Canadian’ for a reason, which means it should be focused solely on the needs of the Canadian People.

Imagine all that could be done to help Canadians in need if we had those many billions of dollars back within our own borders assisting our citizens.

Every party should match the People’s Party pledge to phase out our foreign aid and put the focus back on our own Canadian Citizens.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube