Former PM Jean Chretien Hospitalized With Kidney Stone In Hong Kong

Chretien was hospitalized as a precaution says spokesman.

After falling ill in Hong Kong, former Canadian PM Jean Chretien has been hospitalized with a kidney stone.

According to spokesman Bruce Hartley, “He will return to Canada following treatment to remove it in Hong Kong.”

Chretien was slated to speak at a forum on US-China trade.

Former Hong Kong leader Tung Chee-hwa addressed Chretien’s absence:

“I want to deliver an apology because Jean Chretien, the prime minister of Canada, he arrived here very late last night. And we were supposed to have breakfast together. But he has not been well. And as a precaution, we have taken him to a hospital. We think it is going to be all right. So wish him all the best.”

Whatever our political viewpoints, we can certainly agree on hoping for a swift recovery and good health for Chretien.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Funny how our politicians pop up in areas where political disruptions are occurring…
Is it a wonder that China is getting pissed at Canada?


China loves cretien