Conservatives Have Nominated The Most Candidates So Far As Election Nears

Nearly all 338 spots are filled, giving the Conservatives a big lead over the other parties.

The federal Conservatives appear to be the most well-organized party ahead of the upcoming federal election.

According to a CP report, the Conservatives have nominated 316 candidates, leaving just 22 spots left to fill in order to have candidates in all 338 ridings.

The People’s Party is in second, with 286 candidates nominated so far.

Meanwhile, the Liberals are way back, with just 213 nominated. Unsurprisingly, the Liberals are struggling heavily in the West, with big vacancies in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and a whopping 28 out of 34 Alberta spots unfilled.

The Green Party is close behind the Liberals, with 208 nominated candidates at this point.

And the bad news for the NDP continues. Not only are they struggling when it comes to fundraising, they only have 116 candidates nominated.

While it’s likely that the top parties will fill most of the seats with candidates, the fact that the Conservatives are so far ahead this year is a good signal of their level of organization. The People’s Party numbers are strong as well, and it’s impressive that such a new party is ahead of the Liberals when it comes to filling candidate spots at this point.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube