Justin Trudeau Remains Deeply Unpopular Among Canadians

Fewer than a third approve of PM, while nearly twice as many disapprove.

Justin Trudeau is still very unpopular, with majorities of Canadians in all age groups expressing negative views of the PM.

According to a new Angus Reid survey, just 32% of Canadians approve of Trudeau, down 1 point from June.

61% disapprove, a slight drop from the 64% who disapproved of him last month.

The number who say they “don’t” know their opinion of Trudeau has risen from 3% to 4%.

Trudeau’s numbers are bad among all age groups:

Age 18-34: 37% approve

Age 35-54: 31% approve

Age 55 and above: 29% approve

Andrew Scheer is more popular than Justin Trudeau

When it comes to the approval of other party leaders, Andrew Scheer is more popular than Trudeau. The survey asked a slightly different question, asking whether people had a ‘favourable’ or ‘unfavourable’ opinion of federal party leaders. Here are the results:

Justin Trudeau – 34% favourable, 60% unfavourable, 5% not sure

Andrew Scheer – 39% favourable, 51% unfavourable, 11% not sure

Jagmeet Singh – 33% favourable, 60% unfavourable, 17% not sure

Elizabeth May – 46% favourable, 38% unfavourable, 16% not sure

Maxime Bernier – 17% favourable, 56% unfavourable, 27% not sure

This shows why the Liberals and establishment press aren’t really even defending their record anymore, and are instead relentlessly demonizing Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives. The Liberals know that Trudeau is unpopular, so they’re trying to make Andrew Scheer even more unpopular in a bid to stay in power.

That’s why the social media ad restrictions brought in by the Trudeau Liberals are so dangerous and anti-democratic, because it deprives Scheer of an avenue to defend himself and spread his message, while the Liberals are free to campaign on the taxpayers dime.

Spencer Fernando

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Time to send this clown back to drama class.

Don Taylor

Any Sane person would never vote for the globalist ahole Justin Turdeau,he is a poster boy for Liberal Morons


Wait till UNIFOR gets into full hate mode. It seems the Global BC web site has already caved to the radical leftists. Are they in the lineup at the $600,000,000 trough?


The clown Elizabeth May is the only party leader who has a higher favorability rating than unfavorable. What a joke. She’s my MP.

Shawn Harris

With these polling numbers, it shows that Trudeau’s and the mainstream media’s messaging about Scheer is failing. It also shows that Trudeau has massively miscalculated the public’s willingness to believe anything he says about Scheer. After all, if Trudeau’s deceitful and misleading messaging was working, then Trudeau would have a very high approval rating and his party would be way out in front of the Conservatives, but it is just the opposite of what Trudeau was hoping for. The longer Trudeau carries on with his gutter level angry deceitful messaging about Scheer and the Conservatives, the lower his approval rating… Read more »

Roman rank

Not impressed with Trudeau at all he’s got to go