BREAKING: Canada Adds 30,400 Jobs In June, But May Job Losses Revised From -16,000 To -36,700

In the last two months, Canada’s economy has lost jobs.

According to the ADP Canada National Employment Report, Canada added 30,400 jobs in June.

The manufacturing sector did not add any jobs, while there were 10,400 jobs added in construction.

The natural resources and mining sector lost -500 jobs.

Most jobs added were in the service sector, with 7,000 added in trade/transportation and utilities, while 8,800 were added in professional/business services.

However, the job gains in June have been dampened by a revision to the May figures.

Originally, it was reported that 16,000 jobs were lost in May. Now, ADP says 36,700 jobs were lost in May.

As a result, Canada has experienced a net loss of jobs in the last two months, another sign that the economic policies of the federal government are failing.

Spencer Fernando

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I would guess this “number” will be adjusted too, with all the huge ups and downs in these monthly ‘numbers” we can only guess that they are just “created” or temporary or government jobs? or ????? no believable truths just lefty’s made up stuff, really nothing to believe in with this NON Canadian UN post national state government.

Shawn Harris

Canada can never have a strong economy with excessively taxes, high regulatory burdens and a government with out of control borrowing, taxation and spending, such is the case with Trudeau.Wealth is created by investors, the very same investors, both domestic and international, whom Trudeau is strongly driving away with his anti business messaging. Jobs are created by businesses that are wanting to expand their market share and not by any government that chooses to call them tax cheats and thieves, as has Trudeau and Morneau; both of whom keep their wealth in offshore nontaxable accounts. A stable economy that produces… Read more »