“What Worries Me Is When My Baby Gets Nose Bleeds When I Give Her A Bath.” As Attawapiskat Water Crisis Continues, Charlie Angus Asks #WhereIsSeamus?

O’Regan and the Liberals seem to find lots of money to give to foreign countries. But when it comes to helping people in our own country, they’re nowhere to be found.

While the Trudeau Liberals fly around the world giving away our taxpayer dollars, there are some horrible things happening here at home.

You may not have seen it much in the media, but there is an ongoing water crisis in Attawapiskat.

Things are now so bad that children are getting nosebleeds just from taking a bath.

That has led NDP MP Charlie Angus to ask #WhereIsSeamus, referring to Indigenous services minister Seamus O’Regan:

“What worries me is when my baby gets nose bleeds when I give her a bathe.” – Attawapiskat mother.
This is the face of the water crisis in Attawapiskat. No more band-aids. It’s time for @SeamusORegan to show up. #whereisSeamus”

This is absolutely appalling, and there’s no way it should be happening in Canada.

How the hell can the Trudeau government claim we can afford to give money to foreign nations and non-Canadians, yet we can’t fix a horrendous water crisis causing Canadian children to have nosebleeds during baths?

And really, where is Seamus O’Regan?

Why isn’t he in Attawapiskat right now making this an issue of top national attention. It would take less then a day to call in contractors to get the infrastructure fixed. The government clearly has the money. So why hasn’t it happened?

Well, aside from their total incompetence, the fact is that the Trudeau government would rather go overseas and get some fawning foreign press articles written about them then actually focus on their job here at home to help Canadian citizens.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Elizabeth Thorne

This is a bloody disgrace, an on going bloody disgrace. An immigration minister telling us we are going to get more migrants, calling Canadians names for wanting the flow stopped, the Liberals gave 23 million dollars to questionable Islamic groups, Justine telling vets there is no more money, illegal border crossers still coming and Canadians who are homeless living on the streets.
Justine should change his name to Judas.

Please call your MP and demand something be done NOW.


Our politicians ignoring many issues worldwide has limited our species survival as the environment adapts and our species does not. Far too late to change anything as the damages done as many species either adapt or go extinct.
Lots of foreign chemical and nuclear explorations have been introduced into our environment during our lifetime.


It is clear that giving taxpayer money to a select few to pay for their nice new and horribly overpriced electric cars is far far more important than the health of Canadians. Giving $125 + + millions to Hamas that is used for weapons to attack Israel is far more important than support for veterans or the homeless or farmers that are on the verge of losing their farms.

Liberal priorities are more important than Canadian priorities.

I wish I could buy the T-shirt that says “Are you Canadian or are you a Liberal”, from Amazon. Not shipped to Canada.


Nothing is done because our country is being run by a bunch of virtue signaling clowns and doing something for Attawapiskat wouldn’t impress the U.N.

Clive Edwards

Spontaneous nose-bleeds, along with heart arrhythmia, foggy thinking and headaches are common symptoms of EMF poisoning. Do you live near a cell tower? Use WiFi, cordless phones and cordless baby monitors at home? Do your neighbours use such devices? Pure water is a necessity of all life. So is an absence of environmental pollutants such as agricultural chemicals and electro-smog.

William Jones

I believe he is (or should be) known a ‘Shamus O’Regan’ since it would be far more appropriate.


Maybe there really is something to Trudeau’s claims of genocide.