WATCH: Boris Johnson Delivers Victory Speech, Says “We Are Going To Get Brexit Done”

Incoming UK PM Boris Johnson vows to finally deliver on what people voted for.

Boris Johnson has won the leadership of the UK Conservative Party, and will become Prime Minister on Wednesday.

In his victory speech, Johnson said he would get Brexit done, something outgoing PM Theresa May failed to do:

“We are going to energize the country. We are going to get Brexit done. I think that we know that we can do it … and we know that we will do it. “

You can watch Johnson’s victory speech below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Big Priest'

I really hope that Boris Johnson begins to clean up the UK, and have radicalized jihadists removed from the country.

And I hope that he strikes down Tommy Robinson’s imprisonment, and grant him a form of clemency.

Or the UK will be lost forever.


Brittain should have never joined European Common Market it realy sold its Sovereinghty.

This communist idea of one world order will never work.It it selling your soul and spirit of the country.

Lance Boyle

In a similar vein, is it not time we consider leaving the Commonwealth.
Let’s face it, we are not a sovereign country until we ditch the monarchy.