Justin Trudeau & Chrystia Freeland Called New NAFTA “A Better Deal”: Turns Out It Will Cost Canada Over $13 BILLION In Lost Economic Consumption

Losing money is certainly a strange kind of ‘win.’

Justin Trudeau & Chrystia Freeland made a big deal about calling the new NAFTA (AKA CUSMA) a ‘win’ for Canada.

Trudeau called it “a better deal,” and the Liberals repeatedly framed it as a benefit to Canada.

Turns out, they were wrong.

According to a CP report, the C.D. Howe Institute has said the agreement will actually reduce Canada’s economic consumption.

The study says Canada will lose the equivalent of 0.4% of GDP, and household consumption will drop by over $13 BILLION in lost economic output.

Mexico will lose 0.79% of GDP, while the US loses the least, down 0.1%.

That totally contradicts Justin Trudeau & Chrystia Freeland’s claims of a ‘win’ on the agreement, and again raises the issue of how incompetent the Trudeau government has been.

Not only did they fail to get an end to the steel & aluminum tariffs, not only did they fail to get Canada an exemption from ‘Buy America’ provisions, but they ended up signing an agreement that makes us worse off.

So much for ‘winning.’

Spencer Fernando

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Spencer, did you not know Losing is the new winning


Loss in economic “consumption”? Never heard that before. Oh, and it’s USMCA not CUSMA. :+)

William Jones

This ‘end result’ is typical of the Liberal intellectual failings and we have two incompetent Liberals proving that very point.


Scheer was pissing his pants to take whatever deal Trump gave, never heard what he actually would have done instead.