BREAKING: Trudeau Liberals Launch Another Cover-Up, Block Attempt To Investigate Muzzling Of Former Diplomats

Why does this all seem so familiar…

The Trudeau Liberals are engaged in yet another cover-up.

This time, it’s an attempt to cover-up the Trudeau PMO’s attempt to silence diplomats from speaking about the government’s disastrous China policy.

After reports emerged that the PMO had ordered a government official to contact former Canadian ambassadors David Mulroney and Guy Saint-Jacques to get them to stop talking about China, Trudeau claimed that the PMO never ‘directed’ anything like that, the exact same wording he used in the SNC-Lavalin Scandal.

The Conservatives & NDP sought an investigation in the foreign affairs committee, to get to the bottom of the attempted muzzling.

Yet, just as they did in the SNC-Lavalin Scandal, the Liberals voted against investigating, blocked any investigation, and are engaged in yet another cover-up.

On Twitter, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer slammed the Liberals:

“Justin Trudeau has a playbook and he is sticking to it, just like he did in his SNC-Lavalin scandal. He is showing a worrying pattern of behaviour and silencing those who speak out. Canada is a democracy and Canadians deserve answers on Trudeau’s latest cover-up.”

So, yet again the Liberals are engaged in a cover-up, showing their total contempt for Canadians and total arrogance by denying us the chance to seek the truth.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Shawn Harris

Just like the leopard can’t change it’s spots, Trudeau can’t stop being the prolific liar he really is. How long will it be before Butts is told to throw himself under the bus , yet again and allow Trudeau to falsely claim it wasn’t him who once again tried to redefine what free speech in Canada is. Next Trudeau will be saying that the ex diplomats are experiencing it differently than he did. Big brother Trudeau , believes he has the right to control what we say, what we believe and when and how we can express ourselves, all because… Read more »


The more you hear and the more you research and dig the more really bad things you find out, that you hoped you would never find on these secretive lefty/righty “elite” people and their “friends” and who they are connected to.
We have to hope the Conservatives are not connected also to these “elite, special in a bad way friends” and are much more trustworthy and can get Canada back on a path to prosperity in a non corrupt manner and get us out from under this lieberal debt, and corruption, I think they are the only party who can.

Thomas Tass

The Liberals don’t change their elitist arrogant mode just because there is an election looming.


What I find odd, is the media silence on the matter. Not one of them approach any fam member of the detainees, detained in china. Normally the media would seek the fam for their input on Trudeau’s neglect but so far, they are quiet. And another thing, why are the families so quiet as well? If it was a family, trudeau would hear my voice loud and clear. Now, if there was some negotiations going on in secret for the release of the detainees, surely, the libs will inform the cpc and npd in private of their ‘ secret’s mission,… Read more »


By covering up and blocking legal investigations, Trudeau and his staff are admitting guilt. It is beyond comprehension that anybody could support him or even vote for him.

Trudeau is arrogant. Trudeau is dangerous. What you see is NOT what you get.


When is it going to stop with all these government blunders.Doesn’t our government have no advisers. Who is conducting our business on the world stage.Does our PM makes all the decisions without consulting with our advisors or are they all incompetent.There is a book written Big Business Blunders I think another one should be written.Big Canadian Government Decision Blunders.It may help amateur politicians.Maybe!!

Elizabeth Thorne

There are 82 more days that Canadians need to endure this smug, feminist, globalist, then no party status.